03 May 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2011 (#16)

by 20:08
I just had to make this motivator. Couldn't help myself xD

Oh lookie, its freaking May already and OMGFORGOTTOPOSTTHISINAPRIL OTL
Comparison 16 was meant for the previous month but been too busy with posting other relevant news that might have caught your attention back in April.
Well, better late than never...

Welcome cherry-blossoms, sake, hay fever, masked people and melted snowmen to Spring!
And what better way to kick start the pollen month than to have a great lineup of shows!

And when I say "great", I mean "great number of shows", like getting cramped in a tiny closet with 3 beautiful girls while sinfully feeling their every shape in detail, further immortalised and memorised with the touch of your sweaty hands as you count your blessings to be alive at this great era and hope it could last forever.

Don't mind the previous statement, my "youth" was acting up again. Must be Spring ( ´∀`)
(cookies if you know which manga I was talking about)

Onto more important matters, Spring is ridiculously huge, as I'm following about 30 series, with around 260+ characters, not to mention a few dozen OVA/OAD/movies within the next three months. Hope I can keep watching all of them when I continue my studies later this month (still studying at the moment for external certificates but irrelevant).

Also, it's currently Golden Week at the moment in the great homeland, with many companies/shops/schools closing for the week, which gives me plenty of time to read up on older news that might have slipped my eyes. Thankfully, I recently received a notification that my shipment had just left the building before the retailers closed shop until the next working day, April 6th (Fri), then next week Monday. Unfortunately, Nendo Kuroneko is still stuck, so I'll just have to be patient and hope it'll be sent as soon as possible.

Also, if you've been following me for the last few months, you might have noticed a change of post topics, as its now less about me and more about anything and everything else, as I share news about this viral sub-culture of Japan. Hope you like this new twist and I'm gonna be following this pattern, from covering exhibitions to collaboration news to interesting stuff from Japanese forums.

Zero-chan has been behind the scenes, so I'll have to give him some news to post too. Also added an email notification function on the right bar, next to the other subscribe functions,  if you'd rather instead of my RSS feed or twitter. Chat me up on twitter anytime if you'd like ^^

To the great and youthful season, Happy Showa Day, Constitution Day, Greenery Day and Children's Day~!

Seiyuu Comparisons
[Uchiyama Kouki]
Yoga, Kimimaro                                       Orimura, Ichika

Firstly, I think this show is awesome. Love the acquisition terms from flations to invest and more importantly, money!
Secondly, they picked the right seiyuu for the protagonist.

[Tomatsu Haruka]
Mashu                                                 Naruko Anaru

Cute little Asset.
I wonder if Assets can evolve or innovate?

[Hosomi, Daisuke]
Mikuni, Souichirou                                       Genkishi

I sooooooooo want that card.
So I can get the money, THE MONEY, without selling my soul future

[Gotou, Saori]
Q                                        Inamori, Yuzuru

I have a bad feeling about this Asset. There's always something behind her.
Think its some shape-shifting as previous opponent skill. Anyway, I think she's dangerous

[Sakurai, Takahiro]
Masakaki                                              Isohata, Uki

That smile.....That face...... Freaky....  ಠ_ಠ;;

[Makino, Yui]
Ikuta, Hanabi                                          Kawai, Honoka

Why is she always stuck in supporting roles? ( ̄へ ̄)

[Asano, Mayumi]
Satou, Jennifer                                                 Haku 

Her Engrish is superb.

[Hikasa Youko]
Kawashima Minami                                         Brioche d'Arquien

Hiyocchi is back~!
The three things I like balled into a goodness; Management, Baseball and Hiyocchi.

[Hanazawa Kana]
Miyata Yuuki                                             Gokou Ruri

The character designs are pretty good. The art is strong in this one.

[Nakaya Sayaka]
Houjou Ayano

First time for AKB48 member, Nakaya. Quite a venture into the voice acting industry.

[Horie Yui]
Millhiore F Biscotti                                            Satonaka Chie

P4 is getting an anime and I'm just thrilled. Really hope they can incorporate the spooky, gloomy and suspense filled atmosphere from the game well. Man, this just brings back memories....

[Miyano Mamoru]
Izumi Shinku                                        Galactic Pretty Boy

Until Miyano finds a more star spangled show, he shall remain as Galactic Pretty Boy!
And Shinku just doesn't sound right with Miyano, period.
[Mizuki Nana]
Elmar Ricotta                                             Nitori Maho

Been awhile since Nana's been in any anime roles.
But I've been seeing her more on magazines and stuff.

[Taketatsu Ayana]
 Martinozzi Éclair                                    Nishiyama Hiyori

Other character is from Hiyokoi. Love the manga and OVA adaptation.
Hope they can do a full series with it ^^

[Takahashi Mikako]
Anderson Rebecca                                    Yamada Ayumi

Ah.... Ayumi.
So nostalgic with all these old characters resurfacing. Feel like watching H&C once more.

[Hikasa Youko]
Brioche d'Arquien                                    Shinonono Houki

Another role for Hiyocchi this season. This vagrant-ninja type doesn't quite click with her voice.

[Wakamoto Norio]
Dorure Godwin                                    Charles zi Britannia

What in Britannia are you doing in this show......

[Koshimizu Ami]
Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois                              Amagi Yukiko

Yukiko! In the game, I made sure to max out Yukiko with a lover's end.
I really have high hopes for this P4 adaptation, since great composer Shouji Meguro and art designer Soejima Shigenori are confirmed to be onboard!

[Kakihara Tetsuya]
Gaul Galette des Rois                                  Natsu Dragneel

Ah. I thought I heard him from somewhere.

[Koyasu Takehito]
Martinozzi Laurent                                            Sister

Why are you here too...

[Asumi Kana]
Panettone Yukikaze                                  Tachibana Miya

Just watched the "Tachibana Miya Arc" from Amagami SS and I'm pleased it didn't turn incestuous. Miya has her own harm as a dotting little sister and I love her for that. It might just be Asumi Kana's voice that brings out Miya's character really well, but I feel its mostly the character itself. I'm not making any sense, am I?

Need to rewatch Amagami SS (and break my heart) once more!

[Hirata, Hiroaki]
Kotetsu "Tiger" Kaburagi                                    Sanji

I've always found Sanji at the top 5 characters of One Piece in my list.
Love his wacky character and love for ladies. I think that came out wrong lol.
Anyway, have a look at the One Piece Dome Tour.

[Morita, Masakazu]
Barnaby "Bunny" Brooks Jr.                            Kurosaki Ichigo

Both their attitudes are pretty much on the same wavelength lol.

[Togashi Misuzu]
Minakami Mai                                      Shiina Minatsu

Quite a few of these seiyuu from Nichijou come from other slice-of-life series. Pretty surprised when I noticed  it.

[Honda Mariko]
Aioi Yuuko                                  Sakurano Kurimu

...and I'm loving this show to bits  (;゚ロ゚)

[Aizawa mai]
Naganohara Mio                                    Minegishi Ayano

...and pieces (;゚ロ゚)

[Kawasho Miyuki]
Drossel von Flügel                                           Care Hilling

This show is awesomely short lol.
Can't get enough of the quick tsukkomi after tsukkomi.

[Ookawa Tooru]
Gedächtnis                                            Cummings

What kind of character is called "Cummings" in the first place?

[Imai Asami]
 Makise Kurisu                                       Kiryuu Yuuzuki

Read the manga prior to this series starting, but I couldn't understand half of what was going on lol.

[Kobayashi Yuu]
Urushibara, Ruka                                   Shindou Mariya

Left the subs in, cuz "He's a guy"

[Miyano Mamoru]
Okabe Rintarou                                          Izumi Shinku

A-A-A guy?! うそだ!

[Seki Tomokazu]
Itaru Hashida                                           Tatsumi Kanji

A-A guy, you say?! 
It's okay, Tatsumi likes guys anyway xD

[Tamura Yukari]
Amane Suzuha                                         Touhara Asuha

I'm getting "evil" vibes from this Steins character.
On the other hand, Asuha could be the next cause of diabetes.

[Hanazawa Kana]
Shiina Mayuri                                                Sakuya

.hack//Quantum was what I was expecting. Should watch it, even if you haven't watch its predecessors/prequels (but this isn't a sequel or anything).

Shiro                                         Dunois Charlotte

General rule in life: Never trust a person with red irises. Never.
[Paku Romi]
Igarashi Ganta                                    Shirogane Naoto

Read the DeadWonder manga. Honestly, don't read it if you don't wanna ruin the suspense.
The manga was.....well, the anime should give a good sense of the manga is, since I can voucher for a well done adaptation so far.

Komatsu                                             Edward Elric

As Fullmetal Alchemist is over, Paku has a new role to keep herself busy.

[Okiayu Ryotaro]
Toriko                                                Daigorou

I love the Toriko manga, but the anime just was't what I expected.
I really hope they don't screw up this mainstream with more stupid fillers of junk and crap.

[Hagiwara, Masato]
Itou, Kaiji

Love Kaiji's expressions, so I included another of Kaiji.
Anyone else watching this show? Its awesome in a way.
[Tachiki, Fumihiko]
Ootsuki                                      Kousaka Daisuke

If this show has done anything to me, its reaffirm my position against having borrow stuff I can't repay, reckless gambling and the consequences of debts. Scary...

[Hidaka, Rina]
Toyotomi, Hideyoshino                                     Last Order

Last Order goes kurukurukuru-♪

[Toyoguchi, Megumi]
Oda, Nobunaga                                    Orimura, Chifuyu

Been doing alot of reading about Sengoku Era.
Always love the Edo, Showa periods.

[Kitamura, Eri]
Akechi, Mitsuhide                                      Miki, Sayaka

In history, Akemichi Mitsuhide betrayed Oda Nobunaga and stabbed him.
In this show, she's a loyal dog ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌

[Kokuryu, Sachi]
Takeda, Shingen                                           Fran 

The Takeda clan was always highly regarded for their war horses, considered as demonic horses at one point.

[Ise, Mariya]
Uesugi, Kenshin                                             Akagi, Sena

The Uesugi clan was one of the 5 clans that united and ruled as the Five Elders.
His rival, Shingen, was considered a the "Tiger" and himself as the "Dragon", and according to Chinese belief, the Tiger and Dragon are constantly competing with each other, thus the great rivalry between the 2 great clans.

[Kugimiya, Rie]
Aria H. Kanzaki                                       Kujikawa, Rise

Also took Rise as the lover's end. But just this once, I preferred the English version of Rise, as she sounds more coy and sexy, which brought out Kujikawa's real self. Well, you determine which you prefer then.

JP ver.

US ver.
When she says, "Everything", I get goosebumps, everytime. 

[Majima, Junji]
Tooyama, Kinji                                          Takasu, Ryuuji

So, I've been hearing people saying this is Toradora Season 3 with the two main protagonists undergoing guerilla training to survive in Africa or something. Cool story bro.

Seiyuu Comparisons


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<3<3 [Hanazawa Kana] , I don't need more to say... ;D

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i must have been damn jealous of ur "youth" T_T thats something I never get to try before

1. I guess u must know those MAD with kana hanazawa "dudulu" right? those are extremely addicting XD. could never had enough of kana hanazawa ^^

2. it has been a really long time for Yui Horie to have a lead role... right?

3. damn that galatic pretty boy gif!! it keep remind me of mahou shoujo henshin =.=!!

4. indeed, it has been long since Nana Mizuki in anime roles too...

5. Togashi Misuzu, Honda Mariko and Aizawa mai? damn damn damn!! this add more reason for me to watch nichijou!! they had very few roles though =.= i really hope they can become famous and voice more roles in future

6. "Demo otoko da" (bang head)

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