23 March 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#15)

by 21:22

O-ke-i, so this might be my last (lengthly) post for awhile. Everything else after this will be small updates until something groundbreaking occurs of which might be worth sharing.

This March has taken a toll on me, mentally. Its been a while since I've taken a proper rest, so the last 3 days was bliss as I take a short break. Finals are soon (oh god...) and I haven't even picked up my notes yet. I might have to seriously study after this.

Anyway, a short word about this month's. This month was slightly disappointing. Only a few actually grabbed my attention, with the rest just for viewing sake, and the rest are just something to kill time (and I've got finals/ wtf have I been doing?)

Next month will be great for sure. It's been awhile since I've seen that many airing in one season.
And some people say the anime industry is dying. Pffff.
I wonder if the "Bill" had anything to do with the jump in numbers. Summer's lineup is really pathetic, with only a handful of titles at this moment. Luckily, I've still got my Baka to Test 2 to look forward to ^^

I'll take my leave here then. Happy White Day (Singles Day part II) !!!

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Nomizu Iori]
Haruna                                     Nymph

Slowly, very slowly, Nomizu is gaining pace on the number of MC roles.
Also, the Sora no Otoshimono Movie trailer was released the other day. Guess we'll have to wait for another... like what? 6 months? ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
[Hikasa Youko]
Seraphim                                  Shinonono Houki

I'm not exactly pleased with Hikasa's role in Kore wa Zombie. Feels really shallow despite all the background of ninjas and stuff. It's like, something's lacking. Maybe a smile?
[Multiple Seiyuu]
Hellscythe Eucliwood

I (don't) think this need explanation. Each week features a different seiyuu which voices Hellscythe-dono, as per Aikawa's delusions.
[Majima Junji]
Aikawa Ayumu                                    Takasu Ryuuji

I planned to make a gif of Ayumu's transformation scene, but my eyes started to bleed when I opened my image editor. So for my sake (and yours), you'll have to settle for a static image instead.
[Kanemoto Hisako]
Yoshida Yuki                                  Ika Musume

Ika Musume 2 reminder! I wonder if Kanemoto now has a habit of ending sentences with "de geso"-de geso.
[Yoshini Hiroyuki]
Orito                                Allelujah Haptism

That reminds me; the Gundam 00 storyline ends with the movie right? They way they ended it was perfect, but I'm really sad for the other character since so much time has passed in the movie ;_;
[Shimizu Ai]
Ariel Dai-sensei                                   Onodera Karen

Watched Onegai Twins before, and I clearly prefered Onegai Sensei in the end. Heck, I might rewatch it again (after finals). Was one of the oldest shows I watched back then ^^
[Yusa Kouji]
King of the Night                                Cornelius Alba

Why am I not surprised? On another note, KnK Epilogue really revealed so much, I had to watch it twice to grasp it. Maybe after rewatching all 8 again should clear things up.
[Nakajima Saki]
Abbot Tiffany                                       Saki Kijima 

I want a Hayate 3(TT_TT)
[Kato Emiri]
Sapphie                                   Kyuubee

Admit it. You cheered when Kyuubee got pwned (twice) :3
[Matsuoka Yuki]
Bianca Alexandra Lou                                  Tsuruya

Feels like her voice is too old for her character. But then, I should say the same for Tsuruya but...
[Kobayashi Yuu]
Clain                                   Shidou Mariya

Maria Holic 2 in two weeks time, m*therf**kers! Yes!
Finally, back to coy-aggresive-Kobayashi voice. Can't fcuking wait, dammit.
[Tsuda Minami]

Her first role here. Hmm... not exactly unique but it's a start ^^;
[Hanazawa Kana]
Nessa                                    Yuuki Mikan

Why redhead? WHY? 
[Asanuma Shintaro]
Sunda                                  Tsuda Takatoshi

Reminder: Setokai Yakuindomo OVA this April. つ(^∀^)つ
[Iguchi Yuka]
Enri                                              Index

I hope she doesn't die. They killed off Butcher so fast....
[Toyosaki Aki]
Meegan                                      Hirasawa Yui

I kept squirming when I heard her voice. Kinda like this change of character and voice range

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Blacksun88 said...

all best in ur coming examination!!

1. Multiple Seiyuu. lol

2. now i demand an Ayumu's transformation scene (evil laugh XD)

3. I'm glad that you are one of those that enjoyed and understood the meaning behind gundam 00 movie judging from what you wrote... I can only say the movie and series are not for those narrow-minded.

4. I want hayate 3 too...

5. Kana Hanazawa is getting many roles in the coming season... not that I hate it but I think she is working too hard =.=

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