28 February 2011

Seiyuu Comparisons - Winter 2011 (#14)

by 22:24

Somehow, I made it. Forgot this month tends to end early every year, thus the lateness of this little section.

First order of business: objective!
It's been a year already, but no harm in restating the objective of this monthly post. A reminder at most.
This section is dedicated to spreading the awareness of Voice Actors/actresses (声優 / seiyuu) through a comparison between respective characters that they have voiced. Why images of seiyuus are not displayed here is due to natural human nature of visual recognition that supersedes the voice recognition aspect. Thus, various characters that have been voiced by a said seiyuu are compared in this section, to recognize their voicing talents and acting ability that breathes life into animated characters. Hopefully, this will generate curiosity, or better yet, interest in a said seiyuu and acknowledge their roles / existence within this industry, while stamping out VA ignorance. 
What a mouthful, but in other words; my troll space lol.

It seems these comparisons have been falling into the "end of the month" category as of late.
This might result in a common trend from here on as it give me time to better manage other stuff accordingly (and publish more content, future-wise).
Finals are in March, so published contents will slacken over the next few weeks until the 4th month as I need to concentrate. This goes for Zero too.

Speaking of exams, a shout out to all students whom are taking their entrance examinations throughout February, in schools and universities all over Japan. Graduation ceremonies are to follow in March.

Hope you had a ronery Singles Day!

Seiyuu Comparisons
*broken images should be working as we move into the next month.
Apologies if the images are still dead. We're in the process of backing everything up to our new server. 

[Okamoto, Nobuhiko]
Fujiwara Yumeji                                      Accelerator

These two roles are the most conflicting, period.
But finally, the old Accelerator that I love to watch vector-massacre the shit out of inferior beings, is back.
I really missed his maniacal and sinister chuckling. Welcome home, Accelerator~
[Sakura Ayane]
Merry Nightmare 

New seiyuu on the block and grabbing a main role as her first while stirring the navel fetish.
Very unique cutesy voice and worth keep an eye out for. And everybody loves Mr. Donuts ^^

[Nakata Jouji]
John Doe                                           Yamisaka Ouma

Woohoo! Nakata again!
Love his deep "declaring" voice cause everything he says sounds kinda like a statement/fact lol.  

[Kayano Ai]
Tachibana Isana                                                   Itsuwa

Never understood the "towel plan in Index but she's finally given a sub role instead of supporting ^^
[Endo Aya]
Engi Threepieces                                     Takara Miyuki

An aggressive role this time. But she's doing quite well, despite being known for voicing softer roles.
[Akiya Tomoko]
Kounagi Yui                                             Miyabi

Her other role was this eroge character in OreImo. 
That really took me awhile to find since Kirino was featured many times playing various eroges =_=
[Ono Yuuki]
Arai Kazuichi                                         Ayumu Arashiyama

I don't recall having a teacher character as aloof as that but good choice on the "yankee-aura sensei" atmosphere.
[Hirano Aya]
Kurumizawa Ume                                Oshino Shinobu

Recently subjected to loads of haters. They're trying to get rid of her in the Bakemonogatari prequel, Kizunamonogatari.
I don't see her as anything more than my favourite voice actor of " Densetsu no Shoujo A"
[Toyoguchi Megumi]
Orimura Chifuyu                                      Satou Sei

That reminds me. I used to follow Marimite (not because of Lucky Star influence) long ago.
I wonder why I stopped following. Need to watch the continuation in season 2 if I can remember.
[Shitaya Noriko]
Yamada Maya                                     Matou Sakura

Sniping sensei!
You may recognize her from her other role as the "Galactic Bunny / Nymph": Sherly from Macross F
[Inoue Marina]
Bodewing Laura                           Roi Rollins Tachibana

Didn't think she was the tsundere type but whatever works I guess?
And I didn't like her at first : P
[Hanazawa Kana]
 Charlotte Dunois                                   Gokou Ruri

I can understand why 2ch created such an uproar when Charlotte appeared.
I mean, despite the fact its HanaKana, her character is the most loved of them all in a moe sense.
[Toyonaga Toshiyuki]
Takanashi Shuusuke                                Ryugamine Mikado

Well, that voice was familiar to an extent. But Durarara!!! wasn't exactly my first guess.
But the show is proving to be interesting in many explicit and forbidden ways
[Kitamura Eri]
Takanashi Nao                                      Kokonoe Rin

My Kitamura Eri........
Wh-What happen to my lovely model from Toradora? OTL
But voice-wise, all's good.
[Inoue Marina]
Tsuchiura Iroha                                       Sutoraizu Narvi 

Inoue again. She's been getting quite a few roles as of late.
Very distinguishable voice if I may add.
[Aranami Kazusa]
Kondou Mayuka                                        Treasurer 

She got promoted.
From a character whose only name is "Treasurer" to a full name ^^
[Hiramatsu Akiko]
Vento of the Left                                 Saginomiya Hatsuho  

This old timer hasn't been doing much recently and suddenly, a villain role
[Wakamoto Norio]
Busoni, Biagio                                         Charles zi Britannia

Wakamoto! Sealed as a legend in the voice acting industry.
Has done so much WIN roles, using Charles as his comparison doesn't do justice.
[Hidaka Rina]
Last Order                                         You Mizuno

[Sasaki, Nozomi]
Misaka imouto                                               Martin, Patricia

Kei Madoka                                     Alcott Cecilia

Yes Cecilia, I'm as equally shocked as you are.
You're no longer human but literally a Cybody.
But if that's supposedly Phase 3.5, I shudder to think what Phase 4 and 5 truly is.....
[Saiga Mitsuki]
Atari Kou                                            Hazuki Mina 

Not much difference here, Just another yuri role (=‿‿=)
[Mizushima Takahiro]
Furuichi Takayuki                                               Takamatsu 

"Tsukkomi subordinate" role is a vast difference from "bodybuilding idiot" role.
[Toyosaki Aki]
Kunieda Aoi                                                  Chaos 

If you don't know by now that this is your beloved "fuwa fuwa" Hirasawa Yui seiyuu..... OTL
But it's a nice change from her other docile roles, as Kunieda has "badass" written all over her 
[Takahashi Hiroki]
Daimaou                                          Harima Kenji

Irresponsible Demon King / father, but that's a good thing, right?
[Takagi Wataru]
Delon Alain                                                   Tatsumi 

The number of puns I can derive from this Delon fellow is just too much.
I wonder if Shiki will have another season? Good show btw.
[Kugumiya Rie]
Rose                                         Sanzenin Nagi

This time, her role has less "tsun" and more "dere" in it.
Not that I'm complaining but....
[Shimono Hiro]
Kisaragi Ryuuji                                         Katsuragi Keima

Been getting quite a few main roles recently, which I'm quite happy for Shimono.
Recently watched Baka to Test OVA and I just can't wait for season 2 / OVA 2 ^^
Nanao Eriko                                          Alcott Cecilia

Yukana again! つ(^∀^)つ
I might rewatch Amagami after this, just because it Yukana ^^
[Horie Yui]
Maruga                                          Mishima Akane

Another busty role for veteran Horie.
And Kampfer 2 next season.
[Inokuchi Yuka]
Ai                                                 Fujikura Yuu  

Pretty rare for her to cast in late night anime, since she's more inclined to hentai roles.
[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Onyx                                                Tieria Erde

Is it me, or is Kami-nyan getting more villainous roles?
[Yuuki Aoi]
Victorique de Blois                                      Tatsuno, Toshiko

Definitely this season's favourite loli. Plenty more mysteries to solve as we continue into the next season with 24 episodes.
[Eguchi Takuya]
Kujou Kazuya                                          Maniwa, Boufura

Sometimes, his voice kinda irks me, especially with that spoiled brat tune of his.
[Kiuchi Hidenobu]
Grevil de Blois                                                  Hei

From villain to detective?
And I want my next Darker than Black installment! Щ(゚ Д゚)Щ
[Kano Yui]
Lafitte Cecile                                         Irma

This teacher is kinda creepy herself.
[Shitaya Noriko]
Bradley Avril                                    Yamada Maya

Another role for Shitaya.
Pity we don't see her anymore unless the story shifts back to the academy setting.


Glo said...

Rie Kugyi's been kind of under the radar lately. This will change next season when she's playing a bunch of major roles. I can't wait.

Just found out she's the lead for Lotte's Toy.....now I CAN wait.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

I wouldn't say "under the radar" since she did/will appear in some of this season's show (index, crisis, freezing).
Hopefully, next season will bring more (tsundere loli) roles for her.

Anonymous said...

.....anyone still think that Keima from TWGOK is better voiced by Jun Fukuyama? Anyone? Anyone?

The Extroverted Otaku said...

I did think of that at first, but Fukuyama doesn't have that "boke-aloof" voice to bring out Keima's frivolous and passionate personality.
Fukuyama's is really suited to "aloof-shounen" type characters (densetsu, nura, stardriver) but it'll be interesting to see that casting ^^

Blacksun88 said...

ok this time i will comment more ^^ :

1. no matter what aya-hater done, Hirano Aya is certainly an accomplished seiyuu. i will looking forward to kizumonogatari and i'm glad shinobu is voiced by her. by the way, nice slapping picture XD haven't watch kimi ni todoke s2 but look like ume is doing some good thing finally

2. Inoue Marina voice can be recognize easily... or it is just me?

3. Hanazawa Kana... please married me!! oh god how i love her voice as charlotte. and she is younger than me...gonna do something so i can marry her XD

4. why is Kitamura Eri are always casted in perverted roles? not that i hate it thought XD

5. Seriously, why is Nozomi Sasaki not getting more roles? i like her voice too

6. yukana... another voice i fall in love with ^^ the casts of IS are just too awesome damn it!!

7. I felt that Horie Yui has very few lead and remarkable roles recently... need more of hocchan!!

The Extroverted Otaku said...

1. feel free to take it. And GALACTIC SLAP!
2. Too easily
3. Try your luck the next time she comes down (AFA)
4. I wonder why too.
5. I like her's too but ┐( ̄ー ̄)┌
6. get in line, buddy :3
7. I'd like to see the revival of Aice5. I miss those days...

Blacksun88 said...

@The Extroverted Otaku
1. haha thx ^^
3. nice!! gonna kidnap her away from the venue
7. is it coz she is getting older? (poor self-aclaimed-forever-17)

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