27 February 2011

「Figma in Animate Exhibition 2011」

by 23:33
The collaboration of "Animate x Good Smile Company x Max Factory" hosted the "figma in animate Exhibition" at the Animate Store in Ikebukuro from the 22nd to 27th February 2011.
All 100 figmas are displayed, along with the Special figma (SPs), the latest prototypes, those currently in the works and even a life-sized figma.

Most of the latest works were previously covered in the WF2011 coverage, but a recap wouldn't hurt.
(The previous broken images at WF2011 coverage has been fixed as we've moved to our new server. Enjoy! ^^)

Recently, I've taken a liking to the figma series, as I previously disliked figures with articulated parts exposed. But they got the best of me by constantly churning out numerous characters which I would love to own. As they're action figures, its only right to make them pose in many ways than restrict them to a PVC cast, rendering them immobile for all eternity.

Anyway, here's your coverage while I sleep. Zero will take over from here on.
(italic = Yoshii, normal = Zero)

figma Takanashi Yomi
Max Factory
June 2011

figma Kanbaru Suruga
Max Factory
September 2011

figma Takane Manaka
Max Factory
July 2011

figma Kobayakawa Rinko
Max Factory
August 2011

figma Anegasaki Nene
Max Factory 
September 2011

figma Robocop
Max Factory

figma Lynette Bishop
Max Factory
July 2011

[figma Michael Jackson]

Yoshii edit: all Rider names are converted back to their original names 
Cause Zero might throw a shit fit if I used their localized /gay versions (Thurst, Sting, etc.)

Kamen Rider Ouja vs Kamen Rider Gai
[figma Kamen Rider Ouja]
Kamen Rider:
Kamen Rider Gai died due to his utter stupidity for trying to down Ouja in his weakened form.
[figma Kamen Rider Gai]

Kamen Rider Ryuga hitting off with Kamen Rider Ryuki.
Ryuga is obviously trying to take Ryuki for a ride......(*MVC3 pun intended)

[figma Kamen Rider Ryuki] [figma Kamen Rider Ryuga]

Kamen Rider Rei obviously jealous now that his M partner has been taken away from him.....

[figma Kamen Rider Raia]

The first female Kamen Rider, Femme finally gets a beautiful and stunning figma-tion

[figma Kamen Rider Famu]

Kamen Rider Tiger sharing the stage with Kamen Rider Imperer

[figma Kamen Rider Tiger] [figma Kamen Rider Imperer]

They even have Ryuki's stupid Blank Form here (Don't get confuse with Ryuuga).
And what's with that pose?

figma Kamen Rider Blank Knight
Max Factory
May 2011


Kamen Rider Odin in all of his magnificence is greatly rendered and exhibited.

[figma Kamen Rider Odin]

Seems we have a very great lineup of figmas from "Kamen Rider Ryuki" (fav)
Still hoping to see more high quality figma for Faiz, Blade and definitely KABUTO.

[The 100 Figmas Exhibition]

But there's waaaaay more than 100 figmas created tho ^^;

Yoshii edit: What I wouldn't give to have that poster TT_TT

figma Hatsune Miku - Append ver.
Max Factory
July 2011

[figma Vita: Knight Ver.] [figma Signum Knight ver.] [figma Shamal Knight ver.]

I'm hopeful they'll make a PSP game for Nanoha StrikerS (there's one for Nanoha A's after all)......
Yoshii edit: Another Nanoha PSP is coming, "Gears of Destiny" btw

[figma Caro Ru Lushe: Barrier Jacket ver.] [figma Erio Mondial: Barrier Jacket ver.]

Fate Extra seriously sucks for me (its a jankenpon kinda game)
But the cast of superheroes were great.
Hope they'll make a sequel for Unlimited Codes and throw some Fate Extra characters in there.
[figma Hiyori Tamura] [figma Yutaka Kobayakawa] [figma Minami Iwasaki] [figma Misao Kusakabe]
*optional head parts included with respective "Lucky Star Summer Clothes ver." figma

[figma Izumi Shizuno: School Uniform ver.] [figma Nozomi Akiyama: School Uniform ver.]
[figma Yuu Kawamura: School Uniform ver.] [figma Aya Kagura: School Uniform ver.]
[figma Mana Miyuki: School Uniform ver.] [figma Aya Kagura: Morning Coffee ver.]

The PSP game isn'tt really fun (for me), even when compared to "KR Climax Heroes OOO"
Kinda broken, lousy controls and very little characters
but there are some sweet easter eggs in them so its worth trying it out

[figma Shirai Kuroko] [figma Misaka Mikoto] [figma Misaka Imouto]

Yoshii edit: Reminder; she'll be out in June 2011 with only 20,000 units. Can't wait~ ♥

[figma Misaka Imouto]
Dengekiya Exclusive

One of the most useless and annoying character of them all (in the game)

[figma Shirai Kuroko]
Bundled with PSP game "To Aru Kagaku no Railgun"

When is my season 5 and new psp game coming???

[figma Ein]

Yoshii edit: First time seeing this and its a shame it was limited ver. I really like Gantz

[figma Cute]

I want her for the sword. Its freakin' long!

[figma Meiya Mitsurugi: UN Troop Ver.]

Wish I could get her. I just love those twin uzi ^^

[figma Doala Visitor ver.] [figma Doala Homerun version.] [figma TO LUCKY Homerun ver.]

Yoshii edit: Everytime I see this figma, I'm reminded of that NND video featuring Danny and Billy.
Btw, Billy is a professional gay porn star, and no, nothing happened while with Danny ^^;

[figma Billy Herrington]

Yoshii edit: I still want Lelouch after all these years T_T

[ex:ride ride.010 Animal Car] [figma Shoutoku Taishi]

Yoshii edit: Why didn't they display the Mikan Truck here?
Even my American Bike is missing!? 

[figma Archetype: She] [figma Archetype: He]

[Playsets Exhibition Corner]

Yoshii edit: The following are playsets exclusive to figmas due to their scaled sizes.
Some of the background settings are free and downloadable at their figma site

And finally, the life-sized figma;
[figma Anime Tenchou]!!!
*actual name is "Anizawa Meito"

He's something of a mascot for Animate and iconic to the Lucky Star series. 
God I love that show. Also, if you haven't heard, the BD version of Lucky Star is coming ^^

Found anything interesting in the lineup? 


Blacksun88 said...

damn i lol-ed hard at billy figma... who else would want it =.= by the way, i agree we need more figma of Faiz, and kabuto!! those stupid pose of ryuki riders are so damn unacceptable

Anonymous said...
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Lobo said...

There's way more than 100 Figmas (with the Exclusive and Special Editions...) but I'd settle for about 20. I already own 12, so that's 8 more to go =D
Nice post and pictures.

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