27 February 2011

「Madoka Magica」Homu Homu Panic: The Game

by 00:46
Do you have a Kyuubee problem? 
Can't seem to get away from him? 
Well, look no further, cause we'll take the fight to him!
It's the "Whack a Kyuubee Game"!
[How to Play]
You, Homura, love Madoka too much to let her fall into the hands of that white incubating ball of death, Kyuubee. As Homura, you will keep Kyuubee away from Madoka for as long as possible to prevent the end of ZA WARUDO by whacking him as fast / many times as "magical-girly" possible.
  • Use your mouse to click (stomp) on the multiple Kyuubee that appear from any of the holes. 
  • Keep Kyuubee from reach Madoka (at the top) by constantly whacking him. 
  • Kyuubee will move faster to Madoka when his head appears fully exposed. The more exposed Kyuubees, the faster he will advance towards Madoka
Got a score of 148 and my forefinger hurts now. Guess I'll have to skip tonight's fap session

But possibly one of my favourite flash games to date, until something more guro comes along, like a "chainsaw + Kyuubee" setting. Already found a couple more games where you can punch or shoot the shit out of Kyuubee but the game is a little buggy at the moment. Will post it here when its stable ^^

Be sure to check back for more ways to inflict pain via torturous methods on the (white) devil.

So remember kids;
Even if you're immortal, you'll still feel pain  ★ ~ (ゝ∀・)

[Click the left button "Start Game (ゲーム開始)" to play]


Panic Attacks said...

This game is very interesting such that we play that game when we were very small .and it is very nice game such that it can be played by any age of the children.

The Extroverted Otaku said...

@Panic Attacks
Glad you like it ^^
But unfortunately, the following games to come won't be so suitable for "any age of children" :3

Blacksun88 said...

lol.. the japanese just cant get enough of madoka

Anonymous said...

Aren't you supposed to host the swf file in your own server instead of hotline it form other?

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous I AM and have always been hosting on my own server. Please check swf sauce first before asking me.

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