31 March 2011

「IS」Cadet Representatives Disfigured, 2chn Not Pleased

by 18:21

Fellow IS Cadet Representatives of childhood-friends and mecha anime "Infinite Stratos" has been disfigured by a foreigner's depiction of each representative, angering 2ch for defiling their beloved characters.

Admit it. You laughed, you terrible person. 

Some derogative comments by 2ch;
"Fack You. Die."


"When will this image of Japan stop..."

"Women in France often smoke don't they?"

"Reality is harsh..."
I'll stop there. My proficiency in bad-mouthing others with Japanese is hopeless, so there's little chance I'll understand the rest of the comments.


Anonymous said...

lol yes I laughed =v=

Blacksun88 said...

lol...this is fine if this intended as a joke

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