31 March 2011

[NyanType ムスメカ] Monthly Musume Mecha Vol 10 & 11

by 20:03

Within the pages of Monthly NyanType Magazine, a new "Mecha Musume" (ムスメカ / musumeka) is illustrated every month with an intimidating design, fashioning cute girls with supersized-bulky-foreboding-heavy weaponry which are full of puns and references from their respective shows.

I've covered the previous issues of Mecha Musume here from 1 to 9 and the latest (which you are currently reading).
Have a look, its worth a few laughs/minutes of your time ^^

Can't remember which month's are these as I only follow the Mecha Musume Volumes (this is 10 and 11 btw), NOT the NyanType volumes (17 and 18).
So do keep a look out as it might be "NyanType Volume 17" but it's only the "Mecha Musume Volume 10".

tl;dr there's currently 11 musumes with Homura being the latest.

NyanType Vol.17 Deployed Unit No.10
Takanashi Nao
"Fly-to-Oniichan's-side-at-anytime-from-anywhere Booster Equipment" 

┐( ̄ー ̄)┌  
Thats what it says. 

NyanType Vol.18 Deployed Unit No.11
Akemi Homura
No matter what, I will save you!
"Time Control Wing HOMUHOMU Equipment"

Fuckin' Favourite'd ☆

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Blacksun88 said...

this is gundam... no, this is nanoha!!

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