31 March 2011

「Great Earthquake」Downtown Shouts Out, with Industry Folk

by 20:03

Some industry folk's shouting out messages to those affected by the earthquake, with "Downtown" duo, Hamada Masatoshi and Matsumoto Hitoshi catching my eye and 2ch's つ(^∀^)つ

Only recognize a few folks like;

2nd from top left: Shimada Shinsuke
I remember him involved with manzai before and gave it up due to Downtown's performance waaaay back in the days. Also heard something about him within the Japanese media about Shimada hitting a woman?

3rd from top left: Downtown Duo
Hamada Masatoshi: "Let's face forward!"
Matsumoto Hitoshi: "AC~♪"

Need help with the "AC" reference here.
No idea what that means but 2ch seems to get the joke ^^?

1st from bottom-left: Nishikawa Takanori
Totally love T.M. Revolution's songs~♪
Trivia: "T.M. Revolution" stands for Takanori Makes Revolution LOL

2nd from bottom-left: GACKT
"I will show you my heart!"
Recognize him but don't share their song styles.

3rd from bottom-left: AKB48 Maeda Atsuko
"Everyone, don't lose your smiles"
Well, I-I kinda know her, since she's quite cute and stuff.....errr..... I'll leave it at there :3

Don't know about the rest since everyone's handwriting is SUPER TINY, so I can't read them for the life of mine. Sorry (>_<)

I'm still studying for finals and don't have the time to research the rest. Leave a comment if you know who they are and thanks ^^

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