14 April 2011

"Tenga & Bunny", New Sponsors?

by 15:26
Yes, you read that first part right.

Its seems that fleshlight manufacturer, TENGA has expressed interest in advertising in superhero anime,
Tiger & Bunny", which has already received numerous "sponsors" from companies such as Bandai, DMM.com, UStream, Softbank and others.


Just how TENGA might advertise can be illustrated in the following.

On another note, Pepsi's advertising is in full swing;

*Playing Shogun 2 at the moment, so won't be posting much here till later this week :3
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LordHuggington said...

At least Barnaby's suit matches Tenga's color scheme a bit better.

Yoshii-kun said...

@LordHuggington Ahahaha. So true ^^

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