27 July 2009

Eroge Not Exonerated?

by 02:06
"Roaming the streets and blending into the crowds are these people. This kind of people who are influenced by x-rated shows and blue films. They, in the end, give into their passion and assault an innocent victim."

Yea, right...

This is what the Japanese Council has brought up in the local news. Apparently, it's a really big issue in the land of the rising sun. Many crimes of passion have been popping up like; rape, sodomy, child pornography and other adultery acts. And it's happening all in Japan~!

Thanks to this game, Rapelay (i think. dont remember but i know rape was in the title) woman in japan are in an uproar, saying this is plain discrimination to the social status of women. To create a game that actually promotes molesting in trains and other perverted scenes are just beginning in the storyline of this H-rated game.

Not that I care (or play these =|), but all foreign IP's are restricted from accessing online databases of eroge websites. If you are so happened to have "visited" one of these site, a forbidden message will pop up or a warning saying you have been denied access. All this is thanks to the council and woman activists now lobbying in Japan.

They plan to up the level now by having a UN Ban on Eroge content. From games to video content and even photobooks (ero magazines i think. think swinsuit poses in a mag), are being considered in this global ban.

Now for our opinion...

What a stupid idea...
In case they haven't noticed, these "contents" have been flying around the world at the fastest line speeds you can imagine. And they have been deep in the Net for how long? A VERY LONG TIME!You think just by stopping this will stop those people from committing it? Heck, you're restraining them more...

These "contents" are now limited to the locals of Nippon, which is another stupid thing. As if Japan is the main influence of adult acts across the world, they now limit it to themselves...
Great... well, good luck as you try to stop the rest of these "contents" from being uploaded by your own perverted people for the world to only download them (not saying all Japanese of course. they're one of the nicest people I've meet. =D).

And thing are these "contents". They're are, of course, published by a certain industry and company. And this industry is huge (in an underground sense i think) as it covers a fair share in the market. By banning these "contents", you're gonna close down many companies which provide jobs!

Imagine a wife protesting vehemently to the press about these companies producing it as her husband is in danger of retrenchment because of this ban(why the husband is in this line of work is just an example ok?).

In other words, you can't stop them. They will continue to grow, expanding their number of "fans" or "fanatics" ,is more likely the word, into this perverted world of theirs.

I'm not saying it's bad thing as men and women (yes, women too) have that small passion or interest deep down in them. They just don't show it in public for others to gawk at. Each is to their other privacy. So long as you don't display it in public is morally justified for me. What you do behind your curtains of in front of the monitor is up to you, but just don't inconvenience others in public or around you.

Exercising our right for freedom of information is just but exercising restraint for our greed and lust are also encouraged. In the end, it's the consumers(or these freaks) who make this difference.

So, control yourself, wokay?

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