26 July 2009

New Noteable Nendoroids~!

by 02:47
Okay... well, I've been wanting to get a Nendoroid for a while now. Since they're unbelievably CUTE~! I really love their bobble heads! And cute scale of the figure~!

But I just cant decide which to get. There's tons out there.... but I have more or less narrowed them down~!

Well, I saw a few awesome ones at Hobby Link Japan and thought, "If I am gonna get a Nendoroid, might as well get a good one, right?"

So I did a bit more researching and more or less decided on these 3!

Let me know which you think is awesomely cute and nice to have!

1. Nendoroid Arawn - Tears to Tiara (Oct)

From the still current airing (well at the time this post was created) Tears to Tiara, one of the Great Spirits but banished and now theDemon King, he joins the Gael tribe with Arthur and his harem of combat-able "wifes" or beautiful ladies on their tales and adventures.

This nendoron stands at the usual scale height of 100mm like the rest of the series figures. As you can see, it is incredibly detailed from the eyes, expression and garmets.

Posing with his sword, Edram, which can be removed from the its sheath. Various parts are movable too.

Other additional props include an apple as seen from the opening song in the anime!

Seems there's another switchable head to show this expression. Not bad! Now to the 2nd choice!

2. Nendoroid Saber Lily - Fate/unlimited codes (Oct)

The pure, white and valiant knight from the Fate series of Type-moon, this version of Saber Lily comes from the PS2 (and recently playable on PSP too) game, Fate/unlimited codes. Returning from the Altar of Kings, she is reborn to serve her master once more...

A very cute Saber~! With her emerald eyes and steel armor and greaves, there's no better nendoroid than your very own Saber-slave figure!

Detailing is awesome as always by Good Smile Company. Check out the free flowing hair and armor details.

Guess the artist also wanted to show a shy/tsundere part of her with a changeable expression! Hehe!

Posing with her trademark and famous sword belonging only to King Arthur, Excalibur can be drawn from the his ultimate shield, the Scabbard. And awesome pose btw!

3. Nendoroid Akiyama Mio - K-ON! (unknown)

From the studio of KyoAni, K-ON! (which means "light music club") features the story of 4 high school girls finding the joy of music and band-playing together with their everyday lives.

Again, praises for GS company! Finally the K-ON nendoroids are starting to roll out. Looks like she come with her lefty guitar + amplifier. Eyes and hair are also excellent along with the details of the bass guitar.

I really,really,really,really,really want this! Haha.

Currently, this figure is not released yet with an unconfirmed debut date. But this is the expected nendoron figure to come out. Cute right! Haha! Hopefully this will spark the more releases of K-ON models and many of us (yea that includes me!) are dying for them to come out!

Well, I think I have decided....


Thanks for reading. Look forward to more!

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