05 June 2010

figma King Kazuma [Summer Wars]

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A tiny feed from figma's blog popped up on my RSS. 
When I read the "figma新作発表!!", I thought "Oh, cool!"
After I read the  "figma新作発表!!", I thought "Oh, FUC-"

The "shock-and-awe" effect hit me like a blast from a grenade while I jumped, not for cover, but for joy. 

Update: Kaneko added some pictures of the King, with another blacked-out image of a new figma.

Figma blogger, Kaneko-san, posted a small update, about the weather, which quickly shifted to spotting a suspicious box at his co-worker's work station.

A phenomenon took place, akin to a scenario of two starving predators having a tug-of-war over a carcass, resulting in Kaneko (guy on the left I suspect) getting the box but had overstepped his co-worker's patience and thus, sparked his anger which was put out with an apology.

However, due to the insatiable of man, Kaneko sneaked off the new figma and took some photos to introduce this figure.
It seems this image is based on the original silhouette, which is still under development. Max Factory's Asai Maki, who has done a lot of figmas will be handling the rest, so it should be in good hands.

Personally, it's a favourite and a must have. Summer Wars still remains fresh in my head for me to reminisce. 
I'll re-update this once the official images are out. I wonder what accessories will it come with? ^^"

Here are some pictures;

The dad-ass bunny looks so menacing. His hands reminds me of Aegis's rocket punch though ^^
I really hope we're not paying just for the figma. I hope some accessories are shown later in the official pizs.

One of the many poses the King is capable of. Is this significant? Cuz I rarely see figmas standing on their own without a base to pose like this. Also, I can't help but notice, but is he wearing Adidas shoes by chance?

The figma is scheduled to be announced later this month.

Meanwhile, another figma is in the works to compliment Mr. Bunny;

For those who've watched, you can tell who it is; The Love Machine. Re minds me of an Arabian prince with those grabs on him. The videos below will give a better image of how the figma should turn out.

For those who have no idea who "King Kazuma" is, try watching the movie which claimed 6 awards at the Tokyo Anime Fair 2010 Animation Awards.
For those who have watched it, here are some appetizers to re-jog the memory
For the new tasters, something to add to a list of new titles to try on. 

A video highlighting most of King Kazuma's awesome fight scenes. Spoilers included.

Another which shows a cropped segment of the show, where King Kazuma steps in and kicks butt. 

Again, I'll update this with the official images once they're available, which should be pretty soon since they already have a prototype ready.

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