01 June 2010

Simmoned Figures #4 - GSC Saber Lily - Distant Avalon 「セイバー・リリィ ~全て遠き理想郷(アヴァロン)」

by 13:05

Hey guys, and happy 1st of June. Not that it matters or have any relation to upcoming events of sorts, but its finally and really June. Been waiting for ages and I'm expecting (and praying) for the figures I've POed to arrive on time around this month. But I'll save that for another post as we move onto the next figure to be dissected and copy-pasted by pirates.

Unfortunately, I did not have the chance to procure dear Saber, due to my interest in such models only budded when she was released =(

So for those who did not get her too, and are looking for resales of non-MISB of Saber Lily on some auction/buy & sell website, think twice before deciding after reading this to identify and sift out the counterfeits. The differences are minute, yet noticeable after a closer inspection.

Threat Level: 5/5
Also, I'll be introducing a self-based "Threat level" assessment for each fake to determine the level of replication. Will also apply this to the previous posts on "simmoned" figures tags.
1/5  - the worst (you can immediately tell it's fake)
5/5 - the dangerous (near-perfect replicas of the originals)

On the other hand, some figures have been spotted to be "upgraded" fake versions, so their differences between the original and fake figures may vary according to the pirates taste and efforts. Please take note.

Again, Red : Genuine / Blue : Counterfeit
Package Surface:  Copyright Stamp / "Good" Sticker / Border Lines

As usual, reproducing copyright stamps are beneath or too much for the pirates to handle. Usually, these sort of stickers indicate original products. Some, dont. So don't buy it, if it doesn't even have both.

Also, if you look to the gold lines beside the stickers, the original has much smoother and thinner lines compared to the broader fake on the right. On top of that, I can hardly make out the blue background pattern on the fake.

Back of the Package: "Factory Sticker" 

The un-surprising lack of stickers include the absence of one behind the counterfeit's package. Might be the image quality but the fake packaging has a darker background tone too.

Entire Package: "Coarse Paint"

As you look back and forth from the two images, the genuine has a much more vivid and bright colour. The fake packaging results in giving Saber an eerie green-ish tan.

Connecting Pin for the Sheath : "Different Colour"

The genuine supports a clear part for the connecting pin, in contrast to the other which been coloured over with black

Face Portion : Face

On the genuine, the eyes are visible while the fake appears to be looking down. This blocks the eyes even though they are at the same angle.

This factor along with the sheath pin are important to identify fakes while they're still MISB.

Pedestal : "Missing Fate Logo"

An obvious absence of an important part of the base would be the "Fate Unlimited Codes" logo, embossed onto the pedestal. It seems recreating such intricate details on a small amount of metal is beyond their 'simmonsing' ability, even if the pedestal colours may look more vivid than the original base.

The Great King Arthur awaits for you, here.

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