20 August 2009

GN-009 Seraphim Gundam

by 15:31

A hidden MS in another MS. Hmmm.... kinda cliche but still a worthy type of gundam. This system is very new to me, as it impressed me since it was release in S1. Kept as a add-on, this hidden MS type is used for combat support, back up and as a decoy.

First appeared in Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2, the Seraphim Gundam suit was installed on the Seravee Gundam as a back up unit for its weaponry system. However, one must remember it is also a unit as itself, bestowing the title of "gundam" on the Seraphim. Piloted as well by Innovado, Tieria Erde, it gives him the rights to have 2 MS~!

This is not new to those who have already finished S1, except a few changes here and there. It's predecessor, Nadleeh Gundam, was the first of it's kind to test it's fighting capabilities. For a back up unit, it does pretty well in combat terms. The Nadleeh was hidden in the Virtue Gundam, making it different from the Seraphim in certain aspects. Will talk about that soon.

Unit Design

So firstly, to all have noticed, we DIDN'T notice it at all at first. First appearing on Epi 1, as a face on the back of Seravee, it was only introduced later as a unit during the battle with Innovador, Bring. Shocking us (and innovados), it had a resemblence to the Nadleeh concept.

It gave up on the old man look as the 'beard-like' cable on nadleeh is no longer seen on the seraphim. Also, it has a different colour (obviously) as it is now full black instead of the predecessor, full white hull.

Another interesting design is that the new unit is now on itself. Previously, the Nadleeh Gundam could only be revealed after purging all parts that make up the hull of the Virtue, rendering the operation of Virtue. This is a cool concept, but is the last resort type as Virtue is no longer accessible.

However, for Seraphim, it is located on the back of the Seravee, which does not require any purging. Instead, it severs all connectors to the Seravee and unfolds as another unit. This gives it the 2-in-1 concept, as the Seravee and Seraphim is still functional.

Weaponry System

Because it is relatively small MS, compared to the others in 00, it does not carry many armaments on board.

First is the 2 GN Sabers located in the arm unit. As always, it is a requirement for all close-combat types if they are to survive in battle.

Secondly, a hidden weapon has been install (well, not really) in the arm unit as well. 2 GN Cannons. This was actually from the Seravee as the shoulder cannons, which was Seraphim's arms. By retracting the hands into the unit, it reveals the destructive GN Cannons used to destroy MS with a single shot.

Other than that, it has no other weapons. However, because of it's versatility, it is able to operate many weapons from the other gundams. Such is the example of using the GN Bazooka II from Seravee. Because it is a smaller unit, it is able to move around the battlefield easily, making it a harder target.

Unfortunately, it didn't import any defence mechanisms from the Seravee, making it a sitting duck once shot. but, it does have other systems installed as it was a back up unit after all.

Just like the Nadleeh, Seraphim was installed with Trial System, able to overwrite and control Veda systems and any unit or device related to the main brain of Veda. Revealed at the ending of the 24th Epi, it disabled the other Innovados and MS linked to Veda. But it was short lived as shortly after it's activation by Tieria Erde, it was shot down by Ribbon's Reborn Cannon Gundam.

Another feature on-board is the ability to penetrate defences, mainly GN Fields. Although I'm not very versed in the properties of GN particles, this explanation is based on my observation.
Because Seraphim is able to produce GN particle at the arm unit, if enough particles of a higher density and concentration is applied to the shield, it can penetrated the GN Field.

This was observed during the battle of Tieria and Bring, where the arms went through the GN Field, ultimately killing Bring with the cannons. Not a MS to be underestimated.

Especially when this MS can use Trans-Am as well, increasing the performance of the Suit by 3 times the norm.

In the end, it makes a great addition to the Seravee, providing the hidden Face Burst Mode which when revealed, increases the output the unit is able to produce.

That was pretty short as Seraphim didn't have much air time in the series...

Anyways, look forward to more~!

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