17 August 2009

New Seasons!

by 07:59
It's already quite late into the summer solstice, leaving many sweltering in their undergarments (if you happen to be at Comiket 76 last weekend). The heat here is, as usual, unbearable to the point scrambled eggs can be cooked on the roadside...

Now, on to more important matters!

As everyone (or at least you otakus) would know the new season is upon us, meaning only one thing... New Series!

Hell Yeah!

Although I have not gotten any confirmed release dates, you can bet you're figure or gundam collection that these few will grace our fansubs and torrents to come. Haha.

Firstly, we have ''Nogizaka Haruka 2 ''coming soon. A story of a closed-closet otaku, who is an insanely rich ojou-sama, going through everyday 'otaku life' with her boyfriend who's name I can't recall. Funny in a way as it explains some positive lifestyles of otakus and this wonderful culture, omitting out the hardcore-ness of it...

Next we have Shana 3 on the horizon. I'm sure this doesn't require any elaboration as it has been a hit for awhile now, already producing 2 other seasons. However, this series wont be out anytime soon as it will only be scheduled after the release of the OVA, Shana S. Apparently, the team is going to dive deeper into the characters past and relations to better understand them. And the release of this OVA is yet to be confirmed....
Heck, just any otaku on the street and he would even come up with a plot for them...

Now we have another title, set for Oct 09, Queens Blade 2. Amazonian-like women in heavy armor and weaponry, battling it out to claim the title of Queen of the land. Nothing like a battle royale with busty women wrestling in the mud for breakfast... Ahhh... Bliss....

The first season was a real cliffhanger for me as it left many fighters unknown and few heroic battles to be shown... The level of skin exposure has tracended to the level of plin porn, a selling point for the hardcore ones. Lets all pray for more gore, guts and girls! (well ecchi ones, of course... =P)

Now, this next series needs no introduction at all. If you have NEVER HEARD of this title, you fail as a human. Go and die by the roadside NOW (its getting biased here, sorry)

Rejoice my brothers, sisters and nakama, for BONES is working on Kuro no Keiyakusha 2~!

Kuro no Keiyakusha (Darker than Black) tells the tale of contractor BK-201, The Black Reaper. Following back of the most notorious contractors in S2, Hei and Yin along with Mao (in cat state) return to grace us all with their crazy and daring missions for their "agency" and further pursuit of the mysteries in "Hell's Gate".

Heavy in mystery and sci-fi, this is definitely on my hit list as S1 was too AWSM for it to end in one season! Only hope there will be more fights and action than S1 as that was the main selling point along with bizarre powers these contractors have.

Another anticipated movie is also in the making, by the guys at "Type-moon". Already introducing many wonderful series such as Tsukihime and Kara no Kyoukai, they have already started productions of a movie in the Fate Project.

Fate/ stay Night : Unlimited Blade Works.

Managed to watch the preview/trailer of it, and it was totally what I expected, CG wise and quality. I've already written a summary of the movie's arc, so feel free to view more here. But don't if you don't want any spoilers. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED~!

So that's it guys, more or less the titles I'm looking forward to these coming months. So brush up them as we will need to be prepared before we continue to the new seasons.

Already covered fate, queen's and kuro. Just finished S1 of Shana and hopefully (mostly hoping on number of assignments and level of laziness), i'll be rewatching Haruka again, just as a refresher.

So look forward to it~!

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