07 August 2009

Fate/stay Night Movie~! "Unlimited Blades Work" Arc Summary~!

by 01:18
For those who have no idea what "Fate/stay Night" is, please press "backspace" on your keyboard now to know more...

Fate/stay Night, a series adapted from the manga, was produced with 24 episodes by Type-moon studios. Following the aftermath of this hit, the name of this show still lives on in the merchandises that have yet to come (or already available).

After selling other games such as "Fate/hollow ataraxia" and "Fate/tiger colosseum", Type-moon has announced, according to Sankaku, that a movie is in the works for Fate/stay night.

Little is known about the movie, except for the release date, which is set to grace viewers on the 23rd of January of 2010, and that it covers the "Unlimited Blades Works" arc.

Now, don't be confused as it is NOT a adaptation of the series to a movie. Fate/stay night has multiple endings one can take using 3 arcs.

Fate/stay night (series) uses the Fate arc.
Fate/stay night (movie) uses the Unlimited Blade Works arc

They are almost identical but very different in a way. So I shall explain in a way even an idiot could understand (this assumes that he/she has already watch the Fate series)

Please stop reading here if you do not wish to have the excitement taken away from you when it DOES come out.


Unlimited Blade Works

A few parts are the same as the Fate arc, such as introduction scenes, Shinji-highnose-attitude. So the arc follows after Shiro witnesses the fight between Archer and Lancer at the school grounds. Lancer chases him and the result is the same in UBW arc, the summoning of Saber.
Lancer was pushed back and Saber confronts Archer but to be stopped by Shiro to talk things out with Rin.

Rin then leads him to Kotomine church to explain the Grail Wars. Later, Rin and Shiro meets with Ilya and her dark-Hercules incarnate, Berserker . Archer helps out a little in this case instead of only Saber in the series.

Pretty much after this, the arc follows the Fate arc as well with;

Assassination attempt by Rin


All is the same except Shiro was taken by Caster, only to be rescued at the temple by Archer. Well, this was not what Archer was contented to do, as he tried to kill Shiro but was interrupted by Saber/Assassin duel.

Unfortunately for Rider, she doesn't much screen time as she was killed soon. Scared, Shinji turns to Kotomine where he hands Gilgamesh to him (stupid move...). Again, this then follows the part where they encounter their teacher Soichiro Kuzuki and Caster scene and Rin moving in with Shiro.

Later, Shiro went with a date with Rin (and Saber) only to come home to witness Caster taking Taiga hostage. In the confusion, Caster stabbed Saber with Rule Breaker, a dagger that severs any connection or ties of the target. Shiro, unable to command Saber now, flees with Rin to team up later and save her from being tortured as she refuses to submit to Caster.

At Kotomine church, a showdown between Rin and Caster was interrupted by the sudden betrayal of Archer, attacking her instead. Teaming up again with Shiro, they head to Ilya's Castle to ask for her help, only to find Shinji and Gilgamesh there.

Berserker, an incarnate of Hercules, was no match for the King of Heroes, Gilgamesh, as he was cut down only to leave his master, Ilya have her heart ripped out. There goes their only fighting chance with almost no way of fighting the golden servant. Then comes Lancer to the rescue, joining Rin and Shiro~!

Now, with a small fighting chance, they head to Kotomine church and fend off Archer and Caster.
However, Caster was about to cast a spell to completely dominate Saber, until Archer betrays again, slaying  Caster along with Soichiro whom she tried to protect. He was actually faking loyalty to Caster to eliminate her and obtain the Rule Breaker for himself to severe his contract with Rin - and to ultimately kill Shiro.

Later, a contract was formed with Saber and Rin, only for Rin to be taken away by Archer to Eizenbern's castle where Shinji attempts to "defile" Rin.

The next day, Shiro, Saber and Lancer head to the castle to face Archer as he reveals that he is the future Shiro. To create a time paradox, he tries to kill the current Shiro to prevent him from feeling the burden of being the hero in the future and to fail miserably at it. This part is mainly a self pity and "if only I can change the past" thought for Archer.

Meanwhile, Lancer goes to save Rin but was stopped by Kotomine. Unable to kill Rin as ordered by Kotomine, a Command Spell was put on Lancer to kill himself. But before dying, Lancer took the mantle of "Hero of the Day" award by stabbing Kirei with his lance, Gae Bolg and scaring off Shinji to save Rin.

In the end, Shiro finally convinces Archer the path he took was the right one and defeats him in the end. Gilgamesh then chooses Shinji, as a vessel, for the arrival of the Holy Grail.

The ultimate boss, Gilgamesh faced off with Shiro while Saber was locked in a duel with Assassin. Some how, Shiro manages to create his own Unlimited Blade Works after witnessing Archer's Reality Marble only once during their duel, defeating Gilgamesh. Instead of heading to hell alone, Gilgamesh drags Shiro along, only to be saved by Archer as a last act of bravery before vanishing to the Heroes Alter. He hopes his past self would change, thanks to Rin's influence on the current Shiro.

Hopefully, the 'true' ending would be chosen, with Saber going back to Avalon after destroying the Holy Grail with Excalibur. Shiro would then follow Rin who enrolled in the Mage Association and they would develop feelings for each other.

"And they lived happily ever after..." is what I would like to say but I kinda prefer the series (Fate arc) than this arc, mainly because I'm Saber-biased.

And hopefully, this is the arc plot line that will used in the movie. If not, this post is a pile of BS...

Looks like the movie did follow the UBW plot as close as it could. Well, I'm happy =)

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