10 August 2009

Mio-nic Maniacal Madness~!

by 14:46

This is a response to the previous post, "New Notaeable Nendoroids~!"

Weeks after the K-ON! series had ended, the fans (including me) have already begun stock piling on every K-ON merchandise they can possibly find on the net. Ranging from cups to towels, the merchandising business is doing pretty well, thanks to KyoAni marketing of course. But now, the recently crowned SaiMoe Queen, Akiyama Mio, and her friends have finally started to emerge from the figure product line.

First to come out was the Nendoroid Akiyama Mio. Debuting in Nov 09, she stands at approx 10cm with interchangeable features and effects like her lefty bass guitar and a mini amplifier.

As stated in my previous post, New Noteable Nendoroids~!, this is definitely one of the nendorons I would love to collect.

But all pre-order slot were taken up... in less than 2 days... (*SOB* *SOB*) and thought I had to resort to waiting for the Nov stock.

Until another distributor was accepting orders. LUCKY~!

And I have just pre-ordered her.

So all that's left is to wait for the arrival of Nov...... Somehow, when waiting for something, it never comes any faster huh? Funny how that works...

On another happy note, a 1/8 scale version of Mio was recently available for pre-order as well. By expert figurine maker, Alter, she is pre-painted with her lefty-bass guitar and a pick on the left hand.

Despite the cuteness of her face...
Despite the awesome detailing and time that went in to her...

Despite the ''moe...moe...kyun!'' tune running in my head...

I RESIST! (with reason of course)

Well, mainly due to my sudden decrease in funds also...

Ever since the series had ended, the anime industry has been ravaged by the devoted otakus on a global scale. Not only being able to sell almost every and any product with a K-ON! print on it, the hype of the series will be long before it hits rock bottom.

My prediction is that these are the few 'taste testers' for the public. Testing how we would react and whether we would jump at the bait.

So I shall wait for other versions to come out as I am quite sure there is in the future. For example; Mio in maid costume... An epic win...

But I'm not saying the upcoming 1/8 scale version is not any good. Awesome detailing with free-flow hair design and effects such as the life-like guitar is a sure win~!

I just don't have the funds right now since i'm already pre-ordering Saber...

Next is probably Hirasawa Yui with more to come, so keep a look out! (I'm still waiting for my neko, Azu-nyan~!)

So decide well~!(or just get them all...) Look forward to more~!

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