11 August 2009

GN-006 Cherudim Gundam

by 22:46

Like in all Gundam universes, there has always been a long range type in one of the main cast of gundams. With their annoying long range fire, they have the best accuracy and experts at breaking ranks and front-line troops moral.

First debuted in Kidou Senshi Gundam 00 S2, Cherudim was assigned to the new Lockon Stratos aka, Lyle Dylandy, the brother of the late Neil Dylandy who perished bravely at the end of S1.

Now following his brothers footstep to change the future, he joins Celestial Being's ranks as the main Sniper unit and as a Gundam Meister. Now on to Cherudim~!

If you have noticed, Cherudim has a really simple outline. Not much can be said about the figure or features as most of it's feature lie in it's weaponry. The only weird thing is the fact that its GN Drive is located at the tail of the unit. No idea why, ask Sunrise...

Next: Weaponry System

Like any Sniper and long range support unit, Cherudim carry it's most noticeable feature, the GN Sniper Gun II. Fold-able to support a gattling version of the rifle with increased rate of fire, it can be stored on the right arm of the unit, as a holding place.

With an interior lock-on system installed in the cockpit, the pilot is able to search targets with ease, shooting down enemy's with an Sniper Eye (Third Eye) located at the forehead of the unit coupled with the Holographic Sniping System that creates a holographic screen around the unit's head. Revealed only when the unit uses extremely long range fire, it is definitely a fearsome gundam, able to pick your head off from a horizon you can't see.

Apart from the missile pods located at the front skirting of the unit, the only other weapon it has for close to mid range combat is the GN Beam Pistols II, stored at the back of the Cherudim.
Changeable to hand-held axes, they make up as one of the only close range armaments as it doesn't even have a GN Saber.

However, it makes up in other areas as it has one of the most famous systems installed on board the Cherudim. The Dragoon System.

Well, not really...

Now called the Bit Control System, the 9 GN Shield Bits operate faster than the normal human eye can keep up, as it distorts enemy infantry as it moves around the battlefield like flies on a rotten corps. Except, these flies hurt alot... with different modes to suit any battle situation, controlled mainly by Haro.

For the Defense Mode, each shield bit is specially layered heavily to withstand any ranged projectile beam attacks. For especially larger beams, these bits combine to form a larger shield or break up to defend multiple shots. However, they do have a certain limit of punishment it can take...

Their functions also included an Assault Mode, as each shield bit is fitted with beam technology, capable of hailing a storm of relentless beam attacks at every blind spot. Flying around the battlefield, they disrupt and create confusion within enemy ranks.

As for the Trans-Am system, it gives the Cherudim a 3x output rating compared to its normal state. It also applies to the speed, firing rate and Shield Bits. The unit is faster and fires at even longer distances with a boost in speed for the already fast shield bits.

This is a standard version of the Cherudim as a later version has already appeared, the GN-006GNHW/R Cherudim Gundam. It has more armaments installed compared to this one so have a look for yourself.

That's all for now. Will continue with a summary of GN-007 Arios Gundam in the next gundam post

Look forward to it~!

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