16 August 2009

Mahjong Madness

by 23:07

To be honest, I had no idea how to play mahjong... I don't even know where to start. And please don't ask be about the point system...

But I have been quite interested in the game ever since Saki came out. Well, I had no idea what ron, tsumo, or whatever terms they use in mahjong. So as you can imagine, I've been watching Saki with no clue whats going on or how they win, let alone the thousands of point they accumulate.

So I kept watching and watching. purely out of the awsm-ness of the series. They can even turn mahjong into a sport anime which actually interested me. So, I decided to learn how to play it~!

But no one could actually explain it (of course there wasn't any board around)

But earlier yesterday, I popped by my cousins place and found out their whole family was 'mahjong-kaki'. Haha.

So I learned a little from just observing and applying by confused theories from Saki into understanding the game. Which just made it even worse...

I tried a few games and was getting the hang of it with the help of my 2 cousins, Lee Sha and Lee Lian. Both were very good teachers and I picked it up kinda fast.

Lots of calculation involved. If you cant count or think on you're feet, prepare to get an ear full from my grandmother, the veteran player. And this is the first time she actually moves faster than me at something...

Well, can't say I don't understand it now as this game needs more and more experience to move as quickly and skillfully as the players in Saki. This also reminds me of Hong Kong mahjong dramas as it was really fun to watch on New Year's Day.

So after winning a few rounds with pon and chimon (ri-ichi), I can clearly see why mahjong is SO addictive. Cause I'm addicted to it now~! Haha.(I'm so not sure if dats da right term)

But mahjong is definitely a game for those who like to prove their smarter or have better luck than you. haha. Well, I just like to win. lol

So, try taking up mahjong~! It's really fun and improves relations with you're 'old' relatives!
Now I gotta learn the point system...

So, look forward to more~!

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