02 February 2010

Flying Panties Festival

by 12:03

For this coming 6th March 2010, the Sora Fes! has planned to hold a flying aircraft modeled after panties, inspired by anime, Sora no Otoshimono.

Ornithopters, modeled aircrafts which flap their wings, will serve as the flying mechanism under the shape of panties, resulting in the "flying panties" effect.

Per entry ticket is ¥2000, which includes 1 ornithopter. However, if you just want the "panties", they're ¥1000 each.

Supposedly, these models would last for 20 seconds in the air, powered by rubber bands. Pretty short airtime but the grand effect is when participants simultaneously release these panties into the sky.

Surely a sight to behold as hundreds (or thousands) of "flying panties" cover the sky of Nagoya's Airport, Centrair (unconfirmed).

"A place where everyone can fly their panties together..."

An example of the ornithopter. So imagine this and multiply it by a few hundred...

You'd get something like this, but in reality...

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