04 May 2010

Figures Ordered (Q2 - 2010)

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I practically forgot about this post. Intended to make a quarterly post, instead of some blog highlighting what they pre-ordered the second the deposit has been paid. It's more effeciant and collective this way (and saves me from posting everytime due to my lazy attribute) 

We're barely entered May and I've already PO-ed some goodies which, I might add, are irresistible. Perhaps I'll post what I've ordered for Q1 instead as a summary. But whatever.

Been money managing my purchases, comparing a "must-get" to "have-to-get" buying impulses. Quite difficult as evil manufactures like GSC and MaxF continue to churn out hordes of irresistibly-cute figures any die-hard fan would love to acquire.

Nonetheless, we still fall prey and victim to their marketing strategies, continuously pounding the shit out of Mr. Wallet and his loyal men of bills and coins. So far, it has been a lopped, one-sided battle on my part as GSC, particularly, keeps sending out more enemies than I can keep up with Mr. Wallet and his disappearing merry men.

Forgot to include this part below as I was waiting for a reply from my local supplier. 

Most of the figures or goodies I've PO-ed from are the guys at "The Figure Mall" (TFM), a local supplier. Nice community, colourful history and most importantly, keeps up with the latest POs available from the land of the rising sun. I'd recommend them, even more so if you happen to live around the Subang Jaya region as they recently opened up a physical store. For more info, head over to their website.

Max Factory Figma Saber Alter 
figma セイバーオルタ」

It seems Saber doesn't want to go off quietly into the abyss of forgotten series like most animes. With a new UBW movie and remodeled figures of old characters, the Fate series still burns strong. 

This was a "have-get" impulse. Simply because I'm a fan of medieval armor and swords. And the fact it was Saber too xD.

The greaves, dark armor and sword are at the height of uber coolness. This pose was the last factor for me. The movie, which I'm sure, is awesome, considering the new/old plot by Type-moon. Here's to the return of the greatest knight and King Arthur!

ETA: June 2010

GSC Nendoroid Petit: Bakemonogatari Set #2 

GSC, the evil manufactures have been pushing alot on their puchi series. Now, they're making smaller-sized-quantity sets of each, much to delight of collectors and horror of Mr. Wallet.

I know many of us love the small and chibi sizes of certain characters, which gives them that "moe" look. And "they" know it all too well to exploit our weaknesses.

The #1 set has yet to arrive and I'm already getting the set #2, simply because of Nadeko xD
Mayoi is a bonus with Kanbaru akin to a side-order of fries which I hardly finish for every set meal I order =P

ETA: June 2010

Max Factory Figma Black ★ Rock Shooter 
figma ブラック★ロックシューター

After 2 separate figures (Cannon and Blade vers.), the figma version is finally out! The airing of BRS starts in June, July (postponed), bundled with magz, free for all to view, which I'm very skeptical of their marketing strategy of the BRS series.

Words cannot express my joy of an "affordable" BRS figure. Being cheap is not the only reason but for an "action character", I prefer to have a figure which is free to pose all sorts of styles and equip them with both weapons, instead of the static figures like the Cannon or Blade version.

Personally, getting BRS is my small way of paying tribute to "ryo" and "huke" for creating BRS, with "royalty money" included for GSC and MaxF. xD

ETA: July 2010

GSC Nendoroid Petit: Lucky Star X Street Fighter Set 

Another puchi set sent to the front lines to further decimate my already barren wasteland called a wallet.

3 years on and the Lucky Star characters are still alive, through various released figures, including this cross over with Street Fighter.

For those not familiar with SF, from the left is Ken, Ryuu, Guile and Viper. Miuyuki gets a sexy character!

ETA: August 2010 

GSC Nendoroid Petit: Bakemonogatari Set #3 

The last of the sets by Bakemonogatari, which includes loli vampire Shinobu and the Araragi Sisters.

Thank god, we've reached to end of the line/sets. I'm sure I can hear GSC laughing their asses off at the simple ploy of making smaller sets of puchi, which ends up costing more then purchasing a full 12-set box.

But who cares really, since I got the last to complete the lineup. The nice part about this puchi sets are that they come with various extra body parts and accessories. Check them out at the official website (link at figure's name)

ETA: August 2010

GSC Nendoroid Takane Manaka 
ねんどろいど 高嶺愛花

From the hit DS game "Love Plus" by Konami, with a sequel over the horizon of the rising sun, comes a nendoroid of epic cuteness. 

Sadly, I do not have the funds to acquire a DS, as most of my funds go elsewhere, like pre-ordering more figures.

I can see why the rage of Love Plus has gripped the otakus by the neck, stealing and squeezing them out of everything, from their money to social life and even marriage. They just want love, and who else better than a 2D saying "I love you" back?

ETA: August 2010

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