07 September 2011

VocaLawson Campaign Coming Soon

by 08:43
Lawson, the official ota-konbini, has launched yet another campaign, this time a "Lawson x Vocaloid" collaboration to liberate every diehard fan's money from their wallets; the "VOCALAWSON" Campaign.

Like many other campaigns Lawson has hosted, from K-ON! to Evangelion to iDOLM@STER and Madoka themes, this campaign involves purchasing items from Lawson stores (specifically 10 selected drinks) to gather points. The receipts from such purchases then allow the contestants to register for an application ID on a dedicated site, permitting one to earn more points through more purchases, in hopes of redeeming one of the many original goods through a lottery draw.

A course - Special Event
B course - Yamaha PACIFICA112V SOB Electric Guitar with Vocaloid logo
C course - Yamaha BODiBEAT Original Vocaloid Model
D course - Special Picture Label
E course - "THE VOCALOID" Special Clear File
F course - Original Vocaloid TrueTones

Ponta Limited Chance - Original Prepaid Cards
W Chance - Yuumei-P's Akiko-loid Original TrueTone

On that note, Lawson's very own mascot "Akiko-chan" was given the Vocaloid treatment, now known as
"Akiko-loid-chan" (3D model on the right).

The following are the 10 selected drinks which increases your points when purchasing them.

As the prize giveaway is lottery based, buying more drinks does not guarantee winning anything but it does improve one's chances as contestents have more tries to spend their points on.

The campaign will start on next Tuesday, from 9/13 to 9/26. 



BlackSun88 said...

ah why is such store not around my place T_T

Anonymous said...

they even make songs for the campaign, but it still puzzle me whose voice they used

idol lash said...

Lawson convenience store chain in Japan, has announced their new campaign VOCALAWSON which also involves the beverage manufacturer.

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