05 September 2011

[NyanType ムスメカ] Monthly Musume Mecha Vol.13 - 16

by 08:12
"It's been a loooooong time." Keep forgetting to update myself with Monthly Mecha Musume from NyanType magazine. Anyway, a short summary (again);
Within the pages of Monthly NyanType Magazine, a new "Mecha Musume" (ムスメカ / musumeka) is illustrated every month in an intimidating design, fashioning cute girls with supersized-bulky-foreboding-heavy weaponry which are full of puns and references from their respective shows.
With that, lets continue.

NyanType Vol.20 Deployed Unit No.13
"Fly-to-Everyone's-Place-Anytime Menma Wing" Equipment

NyanType Vol.21 Deployed Unit No.14
"Automated Rapid-Fire Ability Enchancement Derivative Device" Equipment
Misaka Mikoto

There's another variation of this by Misaka Imouto in Vol.13 Unit No.6

NyanType Vol.22 Deployed Unit No.15
"Shinonome Laboratory-made All Purpose Working Drill" Equipment

NyanType Vol.23 Deployed Unit No.16
"Remote Control Dango Option Mecha" Equipment
Akaza Akari

Thought it was gonna be some face-enlargement device to make her more noticeable :D

And a list of other translated Mecha Musume in past issues;
PS: Exam month now. Expect a drop in activity here until this life hurdle is cleared. 
May the victory be with me...


Yourtime said...

ah love the misaka and yukko one x)

Frank said...

NyanType Magazine 15 is here and so the girls. I think this issue beats up Megami Magazine this time because there are several images that I like a lot....

BlackSun88 said...

how can you make fun of akarin T_T more misaka mikoto is always welcome

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