25 June 2011

Lawson Wars: IdolM@ster Fest "Coming Soon"

by 16:23
The next series to advertise at nationwide konbini, Lawson; The IdolM@ster.

The IdolM@ster will be campaigning at Lawson outlets from July 19th till August 15th with the usual edible goodies, ranging from exclusive Lawson bundles to official merchandises and much more, to be later viewed at the official website when the campaign starts, a similar modus operandi used during the Madoka and K-ON!! campaign.

This is in celebration of IdolM@ster's 6th Anniversary, coinciding with this summer's anime version, "The IdolM@ster" which will air this July 8th for maximum impact on your wallets.

Meanwhile, Loppi, Japan's most popular electronic ticketing system deployed at Lawson outlets, has already released a catalogue of items to be sold;

Constant reports of restocking does not seem to satisfy the thirsty masses, as the currently ongoing Madoka Campaign at Lawson has yet to end, with one customer already purchasing 999 bottles of green tea, paying a princely sum of ¥124,875, in cash;

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