25 June 2011

Kano Yasuhiro's New Manga; Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa!

by 14:39
Weekly Shounen Jump has announced the return of one of my all time favourite mangaka, Kano Yasuhiro! with his latest work, Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa.

I rarely announce any mainstream news but this is soooo relevant to my interests. ^^

His latest work, ”Kagami no Kuni no Harisugawa"(鏡の国の針栖川) references the classic, "Looking Through the Glass" and "What Alice Found There", where the Japanese equivalent is "Kagami no Kuni no Alice" (鏡の国のアリス).
It's another great romance manga! (I'm sure of it ^^)

Most of Kano's work are my favourites, from Pretty Face to this last one in 2008, MxO, his art and style are always fun to read. The ending of MxO was a real cliffhanger, so I was always hoping for a sequel or continuation of MxO but with zero news about him after 2-3 years, I had to give up.
But I can't believe he's finally coming back after so long! (^∀^)


Anonymous said...

!!! MxO was one of my fav manga! A shame they end it just like that =3=. This would be a must read!!! XD

Anonymous said...

oh maaaaan i cant believe it T___T
from yesterday morning upt o now have read all the 99 Chapters of the manga and just when i thought the next volume still has to be released i hear it ended.
And just when everything was getting super interesting.
I hop yasuhiro sensei will be succesfull with his new manga, but i still hope that he someday continues MxO
It would be a shame to leave it as it is

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