25 June 2011

Persona 4 The Animation, The PV Connection

by 19:20
Atlus has just released the 9th PV of upcoming game-based anime, Persona 4.

So, what's with the number of PVs? Find out, after the jump.
*note; possible spoilers ahead.

By now, you may have noticed the numerous number of PVs that Altus is spouting out, with the 9th one airing for a limited time yesterday. You may also have noticed that the PVs are finally getting longer and less vague, along with the nearing airing date in Autumn 2011. Also, you may have already noticed I'm a huge Persona faggot from my past ramblings by now ( ´∀`).
So what's with all the PVs?

They're all related to the timeline of Persona 4.

Persona 4's timeline begins on April 2011, which happens to be our current timeplane as well. In reality, on April 13th, the 1st PV of "Persona 4: The Animation" was released at midnight. In the game, that was the same time the main character first witnessed the Midnight Channel.

On April 15th, the 2nd PV was released, with a blurry image of one of the characters, Yukiko. In the game, a blurry image of Yukiko also appeared.

Still with me? Good.

From here on, you'd have probably correctly guessed that each PV was and will be released at a significant time in the game, specifically when the main character watches the Midnight Channel, which saves me from writing any further detailed explanations.

Now, these PVs don't last long on the official website, as it quickly resumes into countdown mode to the next PV. And why should they? You're watching the Midnight Channel after all, aren't you?
In total, there should be about 14-15 trailers by my calculations, excluding today's PV which is counting down at the moment (4 hours to go). Today, Rise's dungeon should be unlocked, so that's another milestone.

PV release dates;
  • 04/13 - PV1
  • 04/15 - PV2
  • 04/16 - PV3
  • 04/29 - PV4
  • 05/15 - PV5
  • 05/17 - PV6
  • 06/04 - PV7
  • 06/21 - PV8 
  • 06/23 - PV9
  • 06/25 - PV10 *Today 
Some key dates in the game;
  • 04/13 - Watch Midnight Channel the first time 
  • 04/15 - Yukiko on Midnight Channel (fuzzy)
  • 04/16 - Yukiko on Midnight Channel (clear)
  • 04/29 - Last day to save Yukiko / Bad end Yukiko on Midnight Channel
  • 05/15 - Kanji on Midnight Channel (fuzzy)
  • 05/17 - Kanji on Midnight Channel (clear)
  • 06/04 - Last day to save Kanji / Bad end Kanji on Midnight Channel
  • 06/21 - Rise on Midnight Channel (fuzzy)
  • 06/23 - Rise on Midnight Channel (clear)
  • 06/25 - Rise's dungeon unlocked 
  • 07/09 - Last day to save Rise / Bad end Rise on Midnight Channel
  • 07/26 - Mitsuo on Midnight Channel (clear)
  • 08/12 - Last day to save Mitsuo / Bad end Mitsuo on Midnight Channel 
  • 09/14 - Naoto on Midnight Channel (fuzzy)
  • 09/15 - Naoto on Midnight Channel (clear)
  • 10/05 - Last day to save Naoto / Bad end Naoto on Midnight Channel
Now, there could be more or less trailers as I did not factor in Rise's dungeon being unlocked into the dates initially, or Nanako's "event" as the anime would have been airing by that time (October). So this PV releases might be at the whim of Atlus/Aniplex anyway, so use it as a referral, not a source.

So that's like what? Another 6 more trailers and 3 months to go? OTL
Anyhow, can't wait for it to finally air. Totally psyched and totally feeling in. 

PS: RIP Micheal Jackson, King of Pop, 25th June 2009 

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tomphile said...

Jackson Five? Psssshhh.

Just give me my Persona 4 anime already. I need more Rise.

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