10 September 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Summer 2010 (#9)

by 16:55
Hello peeps. Been awhile since I last posted anything. But I've returned from the dead (literally) to provide goodies. Got loads to catch up, with 3 more posts on queue as we speak. This post is long over due so I'll just handle this comparison first.

So it's already September, the month of squalls. Or typhoon season if you prefer. All that pent up heat has to be released on way or another.

In case you've been under a rock for shelter or just ignorant of the weather lately, the 9th typhoon of the year, or Malou, categorized as a "Severe Tropical Storm" by JMA has hit Eastern Asia pretty hard, starting off with shaving the borders of S.Korea, then a near-complete U-turn back to Japan, hitting the western coast of Fukui Prefecture and going through Central Japan.

Tokyo received it's fair share of the rain that comes with the typhoon on last Thursday, the closest it ever got to the capital. If predictions are on the mark, it should be leaving the eastern coast pretty soon.

On another note, the previous 31st August 2010 was a day of celebrations. Yes, I hail from Malaysia but there's nothing worth celebrating from here. I'm talking about Hatsune Miku's 3rd Birthday! xD

31st marks the release of the VOCALOID2 software with the creation of mascot Miku. Didn't get to celebrate properly, as I had a ton of matters to sort out. Instead, played vocaloid songs all day. Haha. And Miku's present to all those that celebrated her birthday came in the form of the releasing  "Project Diva Hatsune Miku 39's Giving Day" on the very next day, 1st September 2010.

The concert was awesome, making this a must have for all Vocaloid fan's collections.

That's enough of my added info here. More will come in the updates post which is due this weekend.
Here's your huge dose of comparisons, the last of Summer 2010 as we move on to Autumn/Fall's lineup. +

I should stop burdening myself with more and more characters. It's surprisingly tiring having to go through one's own collection and screenshotting a non-blurry portrait of a character.
I keep telling myself to limit only to shows I like for comparison. Well, this is how many turned out. xD.

Seiyuu Comparisons

[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Busujima Saeko                                     Iwasawa Asami

She's becoming quite the regular seiyuu here. Seeing her for the 4th consecutive time.
New plotline for HOTD was weird for me, with the jinja episode coming in front of the Takagi household.

[Fukui Yukari]
Marikawa Shizuka                                   Sarah Adiemus

The healer of the party. Well, I'm not sure what you can heal after getting bitten...

[Takeuchi Junko]
Rika Minami                                  Uzumaki Naruto

No comment.

[Kitamura Eri]
Takagi Saya                                        Kawashima Ami

Ah, Kitamura-san!  Tsuntsun character in full swing. Haha
She's still in my top 10

[Hiyama Nobuyuki]
Hirano Kouta                                   Madarame Ikkaku

Hmmm... no difference...NEXT!

[Taketatsu Ayana]
Maresato Alice                                       Shimizu Miharu

With K-ON!! ending, Aya-nyan has already been tasked with a few more roles this coming Fall 2010.
She's so talented for a 19 year old, and she's still in university!

[Ono Daisuke]
Astal Sion                                       Heiwajima Shizuo

I keep thinking of Sebastian for this role. Can't wait to see how Kuroshitsuji 2 will end.

[Takagaki Ayahi]
Eris Ferris                                           Karisawa Erika

Forgive the side mug shot. Didn't feel like going through all episodes just to find a portrait of her sub role.

[Fukuyama Jun]
Lute Ryner                                  Lelouch Lamperouge

Jun, you bastard! Another eye-power-maniac-looking-destructive-being role! xD

[Fukuen Misato]
Miyafuji Yoshika                                        Yin

After watching DTB: Gaiden, the questions on how DTB 1 fast forwarded to DTB 2 has finally been solved

[Seto Saori]
Sakamoto Mio

SW 1 and SW 2 have different seiyuus for Mio. Previous was Chiba Saeko, but for some reason, is not part of the current cast. Will have to look in on why exactly.

[Sonozaki Mie]
Barkhorn Gertrud                      Shouryuujo / Xiao, Long Nu

Anyone else feeling nostalgic with the other role? I am. "Legend of Condor Hero" was one of the first shows I fell in love with. Joint production with a Chinese company, but dropped it in the S2 as there wasn't much ratings in Japan. HK company continued it with cantonese voices . 

[Nazuki Kaori]
Bishop Lynette                                      Ayatsuji Tsukasa

Looks like she will be in the last arc. And I feel worse with every week.
It's like reading Hatsukoi Limited all over again and feeling regret later on. =(

[Sawashiro Miyuki]
Clostermann Perrine-H                           Takanashi Yomi 

Been lurking around and many did not find BRS on par with their expectation. 
It's a PILOT EDITION. Unless you have no idea what's that, google it. 

[Nogawa Sakura]
Hartman Erica                                       Aihara Nana

The laziest of them all. She's been quiet for sometime. Hmmm.....

[Kadowaki Mai]
Litvyak Sanya V.                     Illyasviel von Einzbern

Ever notice how some seiyuu end up with multiple roles that have similar background, attributes and even their names?

[Ohashi Ayuru]
Eila Ilmatar Juutilainen                     Sawamura Tomoki

A quiet woman. This is her only other role I could find in my archive.

[Saito Chiwa]
Lucchini Francesca                                      Stella

Errr... here's your loli. Meanwhile, I'll have the cake.

[Tanaka Rie]
Wilcke Minna-Dietlinde                                   Lacus Clyne

Oooo, a relic! Haha.
Nice to see Tanaka voicing again.

[Koshimizu Ami]
Yeager Charlotte E                        Kallen Stadtfeld

Well, both have similar physical proportions.
On another note, new Code Geass plans are in the works, and I've just spotted a new Knightmare frame design which i'll post about later on.

[Itou Shizuka]
Marseille, Hanna-Justina                  Morishima "Lovely" Haruka

Ahhhhhhhhh! Itou-san!
The least expected appearance! And her voice, as always, is as "lovely" as Haruka's. xD

[Uchiyama Kouki]
Yuuki Natsuno                               Links Banagher

New seiyuu on the block, with his first role as a hero of an epic franchise. And a very distinguished voice too.

[Yuuki Aoi]
Kirishiki Sunako                           Kuhouin Murasaki

Another role, but not a usual role. I'm still delaying 3 episodes as to not shit myself when I watch this in the night.

[Ookawa Tooru]
Ozaki Toshio                                    Tokugawa Ieyasu  

I wonder if Sengoku Basara 2 will follow the game version?
If so, Ieyasu will be coming back, hopefully.

[Okitsu Kazuyuki]
Muroi Seishin                                        Hino Akiharu

From pervert butler to priest role? I LOL'ed hard.

[Itou Kanae]
Eris                                               Akai Ringo 

It took 2 whole episodes to start the introduction but still satisfying nonetheless.
Allergic to cats but I like this show for "some reason" xD

[Tomatsu Haruka]
Manami Kinjou                                            Hitei 

Katanagatari is reaching it's end. Just 3 more until the last showdown.
One of the best month-by-month shows in my books.

[Hanazawa Kana]
Futaba Aoi                                              Kuroi Mato

Hmmm..... I'm detecting a mismatch of voice and character type here.

[Inoue Kikuko]
Kuune                                               Yoshii Akira

Baka to test S2 is on the horizon! Can't wait for it! >.<

[Shindou Naomi]
Durel                                               Cagalli Yula

Classified as another relic perhaps? Haha.

[Toyosaki Aki]
Melwin                                          Uiharu Kazari

I'll abstain from the usual K-ON! roles as I'm getting fed up with Yui on every comparison.

[Kotobuki Minako]
Chaika                                                        Arnoul

Apart from Tsumugi, she been doing quite well. Even in her group, Sphere, she's popular.
One of the sweetest voices out there.

[Horie Yui]
Jens                                          Oikawa, Tsurara

The doggy-human looks delish. Yeah, I'm a dog lover. xD

[Nomizu Iori]
Antonia                                                        Nymph

Sora no Otoshimono Forte will be introducing a new angeloid! Can't wait for Fall! 


Blacksun88 said...

as always, very interesting compilation ^^. not much to comment, but im glad that Fukui Yukari get more role after sara adiemus. and more rie tanaka and itou shizuka are always good

The Extroverted Otaku said...

There's never enough of Itou-san.
And Tanaka needs to be my alarm clock, now. xD

Anonymous said...

lol,when i saw Takeuchi Junko as the voice of Minami Rika I had a moment of silence then uttered "for real?"

The Extroverted Otaku said...

I stand by my words before; no comment

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