26 August 2010

Kitto Ashita wa........Post!

by 23:47
Satou Rina's character arc is over as we move onto another girl for Junichi to pwn. I'm starting to hate that grinning idiot. Anyways, same MO; here's your updates.

Rise of the Yen.............and other things too
In Cirno, We Trust
Unfortunately, it seems there are other things on the rise apart from the sweltering-record-high-summer temperatures in Japan.

Just recently, the ¥(Yen/En) currency of a certain country has spiked to a preposterous forex rate.  How this happened is beyond you or my control, but shit happens. And it's about to hit the fan......

Means less buying/importing on my part and more saving. Apparently, it's also hurting their economy as they're export-oriented market might drive away many future purchases due to the high rates. They got that right and won't be seeing my wallet for awhile.

T'was midway ordering some figures until this piece of information caught my attention. Checked the latest rates on PayPal and went bonkers. But I bought them anyway, which I'll post about on another time.
Guess I'll need to limit the amount of spending and somehow manage the rest of my existing preorders. This is gonna hurt.......so badly...........TT_TT

Apart from that, summer temperatures are soaring and breaking a few things, like surpassing the 35 degree Celcius mark. Speaking from a country which has a similar temperature all year round, this is pretty much unbearable.

Thanks to absurd temperatures, many department stores are receiving a healthy sales boost, mostly consisting of air-conditioner units.

Pools too are ,as of late, the ideal getaway from the unbearable heat rising from the asphalt.

Until you happen to encounter a brown iceberg floating by from the kiddie's pool.........

Animation Market on the Roll Once Again.
A recent report from the Media Research Institute's states the domestic and foreign Animation Market  grew to 1.6% in 2009.
Market consist mostly of merchandises, TV subscriptions and disc sales which added up to ¥216.4 billion.

Why did I highlight this?
I like to see our purchases contributing to some statistic value and to the growth of a certain country. =)

Cuppantsu Out of Stock
A fetish trend has been bought out by patrons of an adult department store, emptying all stocks of 'pantsu-in-a-cup', thanks to the summer heat.

Hopes of cooling down have lead customers (assuming most of them are women which I'm highly doubtful) into purchasing a cold one right from the fridge and wearing immediately for best effect.

Reports of a month's worth of "Cuppantsu" was emptied in just three days. Many still debate whether Mio's flavour is stronger than Miku's pantsu.....

Awa Odori Matsuri Goodies
Previously covered, the Type-Moon endorsed 'Awa Odori Matsuri' in Tokushima has left many with goodies available only during the event.

Merchandises include rare Kara no Kyoukai "Uchiwa" (うちわ/Fan)
Those who missed out on these ¥800 offers may still have a chance on eBay, going for up to ¥10,000.....

One Piece Game at Konbini Stores
Latest marketing ploy by Lawson "konbini"(コンビニ/convenience store) and One Piece franchise has come up with a "ARG Stamp Rally ONE PIECE x Lawson Logpost" game. ARG (Alternative Reality Game), a hot app and trend in Japan, has resulted a special iPhone app for the game.

After installing the app, you may begin stamping your iPhone with all crew members by finding them on your virtual Logpost which points to the next Lawson konbini

Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu BD announced
Finally it's ready! One of the movies I've been anticipating after Fate/stay Night UBW.

Will be out on 18th December 2010. Yes, it's not next year! xD

Bras than Makes Breasts Smaller

Considered fat to some women with overly large breasts, a revolutionary bra has been created for that purpose.

Wacoal's new "CuCute" bra helps flatten the overall appearance of a woman’s chest, making it a perfect product for women who don’t want their chests to stand out.

Women say YAY!
Men say NAY!

Child Pornography as "Thank You" Gifts

Police have uncovered an online activity of distributing child pornography on a certain Internet message board. To gain access to view more "pictures", users must submit 5 or more images before a password is sent back to gain entry to the private site. 

Founder was a 17 year old, who started the site out of sheer interest of sharing his "passion" with other people. Other users include a 23 year old preschool teacher before the site was shut down with 1324 images.

So remember to say "thanks". 

One Piece Sells Millions

A simple story of pirates in search for treasure has lead to the sales of  more than 20,000,000 copies - in just 2010.

13 years on and this classic hasn't even reached halfway of the plot. Took me a good 5 days to read all chapters. Would like to purchase a copy myself to support Mr.Oda! >.<


We have the English language to communicate. Sign language too makes it easier to get the message across. But now we have HipMail.

HipMail uses videos of hips (or a certain model's luscious rear) to send a message via movement of the rear to spell out alphanumeric characters.

Brought to you by Levi's. 

Hikkomori is now English. 

Believe it or not, "Hikkomori" has been submitted and accepted as a word in the 3rd edition of Oxford Dictionary. Describing "abnormal avoidance of social contact", it is one 2000 new entries.

Other weird entries include "Vuvuzela" and "Otaku" in past issues.

BRS News

Platoons of figma and Nendorons of BRS were deployed yesterday on 25th August after a month's delay. Many stores have already stocked up to hold the line as everyone knows "One is never enough....."

A closer inspection of the front lines was conducted;

In other news, BRS is being adapted into a RPG game. It will be handled by one of my favorites; Konuma Ryuta, who did Persona 3/4. High expectations here, as a video was released concerning the RPG game;

Continuations Continue

My pile of new projects/OVA/sequels are piling up, so enjoy the soon-to-come goodies;

2nd Macross Frontier Movie
I'm hyped for this! Yea! It's based on new story, new love and new music!
But I haven't even seen the 1st movie...... T_T

New Kampfer Project
Projects normally bend toward the "animation" category but no confirmation on that one.
But hey, I'm happy. xD

.hack//Quantum Anime
It's been a loooooog time since the last .hack series. Was hooked on .hack//Roots, which lead me to playing the PS2 games .hack//Rebirth, Reminisce and Redemption. All had wonderful storyline that compelled me to keep playing it for 1 whole year? Lol.

Disney's New Fireball Anime
Looks like we'll be seeing more of Drossel in 2011. I just hope for a longer episode =3=

3rd Isshoni Project
Following the success of getting people into shape in the 1st installment and causing insomnia in the 2nd, a 3rd is on the horizon. Wonder what activity will it be this time.....

Baka to Test OVA
Supposedly airing this Decemeber. I'm guessing it's something to do with the winter theme.

Also, I stumbled on an extra episode for Baka to Test for S1. Twas themed Christmas. ^^"

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