13 April 2010

Seiyuu Comparisons - Spring 2010 (#4)

by 01:21
BRS is finally animated?
Danny's mascot gets an anime debut?
HOTD has finally un-hiatus and now animated?
Baka test S2 given the green light?
Spring really is the mark of new beginnings...

A few weeks back, I tried to remember why did I make this type of post in the first place, using pictures of characters instead of the actual seiyuu face. Then it hit me...

Its because people are ignorant of who the actual seiyuu is...

Unfortunately, it's a lot easier to remember the characters face than to distinguish them from their voices alone, such is the way the human brain works, recognizing visuals instead of vocals alone. Which is why voice actors are less appreciated and taken for granted. This kinda irks me from time to time, especially with 'people' claiming to be otakus but don't even know the seiyuus names. I'll leave the trolling of that definition for another post, as we move on to the main content of this month's comparisons.

Apart from dreaming of meeting Danny Choo in London at his home (for some reason), this season's lineup has it's ups and downs. Week 1 has barely passed, but I'm still hopeful of how things will turn out. It's week 1 after all.With the moe blob rolling along, I can't help but realize the lack of GAR and action shows, which I miss for some reason. Guess the industry moves to where the demand is? If so, this is a sad, sad reality...

[Tamura Yukari]
Yamada                                            Takamchi Nanoha

From elite officer to high school slut? Our poor Nanoha has fallen from grace...

I can see the ending already though; she doesn't get laid...

[Abe Atsushi]
Kosuda Takashi                             Kamijo Toma

His voice was too familiar to go unnoticed. But still unlucky in a sense. Fukou da...

[Noto Mamiko]
Kosuda Kazuki                                   Kuronoma Sawako

Didn't noticed her disguised voice at all. Must be the stereotyping of her voice in my head for the past 25 episodes in Kimitodo.

[Fujimura Ayumi]
Ayuzawa Misaki                           Celicy Cambell

From knight to maid? Another familiar voice.

Didn't like how they adapted it from the manga at first, but after I saw the intermission image they used (chibi meido) and Misaki's maid outfit, I forgot about it.

[Okamoto Nobuhiko]
Usui Takumi                                  Luke Ainsworth

Seems that Fujimura and Okamoto are never far apart. Both casted in Seikan no Blacksmith and Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

[Hirano Aya]

If you fell for this, I hesitantly apologize on your naivety and foolishness on believing this. Haha.
If you didn't, glad to know, your still awake =)

[Sakurai Harumi]
Yurippe                                              Shirakawa Ryouko

This is the real comparison. Unfortunately, her only other major role I could find and get an SS was Anejiru, a hentai with a 3 on 1 harem. And yes, I do have this hentai, for exercising purposes.

[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Otonashi                                        Araragi Koyomi

No matter what, I still picture Araragi, instead of Otonashi, getting killed over and over in Angel Beats! for some reason. =)

I actually had a lot of criticisms  for this series, considering it to be a Key project after all, it kinda left me disappointed. But I love the how they blended the humor and melancholy of the plot together. This show could be awesome though ^^

[Fukuyama Jun]
Takanashi Souta                                  Lelouch Lamperouge

From terrorist of justice to lolicon? 
I knew the love for his sister was suspicious

[Asumi Kana]
.Taneshima Popura                                                Yuno

Still the shorty, still the clumsy, still a loli, still lovely...
[Okamoto Nobuhiko]
Tsuzuki Takumi                                Accelorator

The No.1 Esper in Academy City, is now a patissier?!

Nice to see Yabuki back on his feet with Mayoi after Toloveru ended. This show is gonna be awesome!

[Ito Kanae]
Serizawa Fumino                                 Saten Ruiko

My currently favourite tsundere! Sorry Kagami =(
But honestly, who knew Saten would be a good tsundere type?

[Taketatsu Ayana]
Kiriya Nozomi                                 Azu-nyan~!

Once a nyan, always a nyan. And my god, she's still (and literally) a nyan. But a very delicious nyan indeed...

[Iguchi Yuka]
Umenomori Chise                                            Index

A loli will always be a loli! =)

[Kamiya Hiroshi]
Ichinomiya "Recruit" Kou                                           Araragi Koyomi

It seems Kamiya is the preferred choice when looking for a tsukkomi voice. And I can't blame him; he's good

[Sakamoto Maaya]
Nino                                        Ryougi Shiki

I didn't have much hope for this show, thanks to the trailer. But after episode 1, I think its No.1 on my spring list ranks. Love the tsukkomi and boke style here. Now I need to control my laughter somehow....

Quite happy Sakamoto made an appearance this season. And a funny one at that. But still has that stone-cold face from Kara no Kyoukai though; which I like btw

If you're still reading this, I commend and thank you for listening and reading my sudden burst of ranting at the beginning. It's just that the word "otaku" has become quite loose nowadays, which discredits the real ones living in isolation and not giving a damn on one's opinions, including this post. =)

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