25 November 2009

Tunes of Symphony

by 22:08
I've FINALLY found some free time as for the past few weeks, a couple of things came up which could NOT be avoided like;

  1. Exams... (hand-ache after every paper)
  2. Partying (recommend dosage after every exam ;)
  3. Playing Modern Warfare 2 and Left for Dead 2 (All for the winter sales, hoorah!)
  4. Laziness.... (need some K-ON-music to ward this off...)
So anyway, I'd like to share a couple of songs from now on, especially vocaloid ones, which have a great impact on my ears and eyes. Well, it may not affect you but its something like a recommendation to all J-pop and song listeners in the Y-generation era.

  • ココロ キセキ (Kokoro Kiseki) sm3738087

A duet by twin vocaloid, Kagamine Len and Rin. The song tells a story about the creation of a robot by a scientist, which does not have a "kokoro". As time moves on, the scientist passes on, leaving the robot to live for eternity, never knowing the joy of having a 'soul' and 'heart', until something happens...

The original song , ココロ was composed unique to each twin. Len sang the part of the scientist and Rin sang the part of the robot. As they were separate songs, one had to listen to both only to understand both perspectives and view of the characters.

Thus, a "fan-dub" version was made, synchronizing the 2 songs perfectly and creating a 6 minute long piece, named "Kokoro Kiseki" (Heart Miracle)

If you have a heart at all, you'd feel touched by the storyline of the song. I've wasted too many Kleenex on this video anyway so, time to waste some of yours as well. Hope this video/song has the same impact on you as it did for me...

(link for songs at the bottom)

  • メルト (Melt) sm6327731

One of my all time favourites, the unofficial debut song by vocaloid, Hatsune Miku. The song talks about how the female character (Hatsune I think) is trying to express her love to her partner, literally 'melting' her as she has fallen in love.

Why I love this song is not just because it was sung by the greatest vocaloids of all time, but also the fact it was composed by ryo, an amateur but a hella great composer and lyricist. My respect goes to him and his other works.

The original video was a still image of Hatsune with the song playing. However, Gonzo lended a hand in the animation of the image and adding a SURPRISE in the last part of the video.

Worth a check out at least, if you have some interest in "computer-generated-voices-which-sounds-human-like".

(link for songs at the bottom)

That's all for now. Will recommend more in the future, perhaps some albums too as most of them are under rated but have no idea the awesomeness it holds.

Till then, Tre bien!


1. Go to this site, http://nicosound.anyap.info/sound/

2. Before entering the site, attach the video code which is unique to every song/vid which can be forund beside the song title above.

3. Your url result should be something like this "

4. If you're lucky, the mp3 version has already been rendered and just download it
- link is at bottom right of file properties table; "パソコンへ転送"

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