29 April 2010

Simmoned Figures #2 - Nendoroido Saber Lily 「ねんどろいど セイバー・リリィ」

by 00:01

So, whats so scary about counterfeits anyway? Its just a near/phailed replica of the genuine item. Well, apart from the loss of sales and VERY OBVIOUS low quality production, whats so bad about it?

Its because quality fakes are out there

Near perfect replicas that appear normal to the unaware potential customer, ready to deceive us all. And no one wants to pay for something when we can get the original at the same price. In other words, near-perfect replicas are scary, as I spotted a few (okay, not few, ALOT!) during my last visit to HK.

As I entered a certain noticeable shop, packed from the floor to the ceiling with nendoroids and merchandises in HK, I was almost duped into buying a 2nd Saber Lily nendoroid. The counterfeit was shockingly perfect, but one good look at the packaging and figure would tell any avid collector it was fake. The average market pricing for each of the nendoroids in the shop had lead me astray, as I thought everything was original, but alas, pirates are always out there to fish for our wallets.

Luckily, GSC noticed this counterfeit going around and decided to highlight it, much to my delight to share with other collectors and promote awareness of such fake goods.

Here's the Fake Nendoroid Saber Lily~!

Threat Level : 4/5

  Package: Copyright License Stamp/Sticker

It's more of a sticker really, as I took a look at my own box (which has the sticker btw *phew* ^^;)
A common feat missed by pirates, as such things like 'stickers' are beneath their capabilities of reproducing.

Package Contents: Missing Protective Plastic

I just noticed this from the same image above, so I just thought I'd add it.
If this fake was in mint condition when photographed, then it's safe to assume the fake does not come with the usual protective plastic, covering the figure and various accessories.

Package Surface Printing: Nendoron Group Characters

Another aspect of the packaging I found. Look carefully at the bottom-left of the package and you'll notice the "Nenndoron" group logo there (sry if its too small. got it from GSC site anyways). The following characters after the logo is missing a few BOLD characters, (小田ツヨシ・高野明史) of the sculptors, Oda Tsuyoshi and Takana Akirashi (I hope I read this right ^^;)

Face proportion: Face Shine, Eye Gradient, Armor Emblem

Firstly, the face "shines" on counterfeits, which non-matted paint on genuine goods don't.
The gradient of eyes are too dark, top half is dark followed by the other colours. The original has a smoother green gradient, giving Saber that "piercing look" which I love so much xD (masochist btw)

Hair: Ahoge, Toning 

Looking at this image, I've noticed the ahoge is sticking out more than usual on the counterfeit.
Also, the hair toning is WAY off. Ruins the blonde hair colour =(

Ponytail Part: Joint Colour

As you can see, the awkward difference of colour on the "joint" and "ponytail" part has made it look like a replacement part from the "head" joints. Also, its longer than the genuine joint used for this part.
Not too sure about the hair colour part, as the image quality is questionable.

Pedestal: Missing Copyright Labels

The usual MO. Leaving out the "Type-moon", "Eighting", "cavia" and "Capcom" labels and engraves the pirate's home country on it. >_>

If anyone would like to see the "real deal", Saber is waiting here for you.

(note; original context is in Japanese. I do not take credit for the comparison done, simply translating the actual context for English readers with added comments of my own)

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