30 December 2009

A Certain Otaku Shopping Spree in Hong Kong

by 20:25
It's been awhile since I last posted anything. As it's almost New Year already, I might as well talk about my recent trip to Hong Kong where I spent the festive season (and wallet) until Christmas Eve.

Many say Hong Kong is a woman's shopping paradise...

I beg to differ...

Its also an Otaku shopping paradise. If you can't make it to Tokyo for Comiket, HongKong is 2nd best to Japan. HK has the same pace as Tokyo. Fast-moving in an urban jungle with dense concrete trees. A perfect place to get lost when looking for hobby shops.

As an idiot who is extremely sensitive to the cold, this idiot went to shop in the middle of winter. 21°C by day and 9°C by night, I can only imagine the coldness the European and North American continent must be going through as I'm freezing my ass off in this HK winter...

View Hobby Shops in HongKong in a larger map

Above is a map and list of stores I found and visited, mostly within the Kowloon and Island region. Most of them are only open in evenings and night time, so plan all your sightseeing tours during the day.

Merchandises and Goodies

Flying 2500km across the South China Sea while missing Comic Fiesta 2009 (dammit),I think most of us would agree on taking something back (or save the delivery cost) 1 or 2 items. I brought back a sack load instead...

On to the first of my spoils; Nendoroid Petit Vocaloid #1

  • HK people are so nice as they openly displayed the contents of the box which has your desired figurine( like Hatsune Miku). 
  • They're even nicer when they hike the price for popular figures (like Hatsune Miku )

Even so, I generously paid for these beauties! As long I see what I'm paying, its all good...

Aren't they adorable? Couldn't get Rin and Len (too popular) but instead managed to get these 4!
L to R; Hatsune Miku, Saihate Miku, Sakine Meiko and Megurine Luka

Hatsune-sama comes with a pair of her trademark, Negi!

Cute little Saihate Miku with a flower!

The latest Sakine Meiko from Vocaloid! And much younger too!

The youngest of all Vocaloids to join the family, Megurine Ruka!

And for all 4, its came to HKD$280. A bit steep for Hatsune (130) but worth every dollar!

Now for the next part, from Lucky Star!

Kobayakawa Yutaka! 

I'm quite sure not many have this (though I suspect its fake) But a very good quality we have here.


Iwasaki Minami!

They came together, at HKD$100 for both. What a steal!

Now for some clear folders, which I am aiming to collect them all as they're quite useful!

Some Macross Frontier. Goes well with the incoming movie!

An a little Railgun! Not even CF 2009 (which I missed) had this for sale (i think)!

And my proudest folder yet (which was sold out in CF 2009), K-ON!

Total was around HKD$135, which was quite reasonable.

And the main highlight and proudest purchase (for now), Sega Project Diva Hatsune Miku 01!

Back home, finding her is like looking for favourite celebrities but ending up with pictures because you know you just can't have her.

She looks like a 1/8 or 1/7 scale to me, standing at 19cm tall.

How lucky I was to find her on my 1st day in HK

Even the detailing is awesome! Check out her arm's control panel!

She comes with a stand, bearing her name and Project Diva logo printed on it.
Amazingly, I got her for HKD$148! But the next day, I checked and the owner hiked up the price to HKD$248, a 100 dollar increase. What a ripoff! Watch out guys. Get them while their still reasonable.

That's all of the main purchases I got. Others include some gachapon collections, an itasha and gundam models for friends!

If you've got any questions on stores in HK, leave a note and I do my best to guide you through Kowloon.
Till next post!

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