04 January 2010

#82 Nendoroid Akiyama Mio [K-ON!]

by 18:04
After holidaying in Hong Kong, I arrived home to discover that Mio had FINALLY arrived. ETA was around November but the courier only sent it on the last week of December 2009. Delay or not, I now have it!

Been waiting and anticipating Mio for quite some time now as it was one of the very few I actually craved to have. Now onwards to the gallery.

Comes in a blue boxed case (why blue? Shimapan?)

A view from outside to inside!

Mio and all her personal effects! Including her lefty bass guitar and amp!

Very cute indeed! With good detailing on the hair flow for a Nendoroid.

A thinking pose! Chibi size with cute eyes! How could I NOT GET HER?

Her panic/terrified face comes with her as well! How cute!

The pose that sealed the deal on her purchase. No regrets at a "reasonable price".

Very nice detailing on her bass guitar. But no strings...

Comes with a mini amplifier! Nice...

And the guitar is strap-able to hang around Mio.

For those wondering, she does come with her epic blue striped pantsu! What a surprise! LOL

That's all for now on my latest figure. When I have time again, I'll post about Nendoroid Canaan next!

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