06 January 2010

#87 Nendoroid Canaan [Canaan]

by 23:54
Delays are common when receiving shipment from overseas, especially the cultural merchandise export from Japan.

But this little one made it to my door step by 31st December 2009, just before the the end of Dec (which was the ETA), ending my 2009 on a VERY happy note.

Still fresh (in memory) from Summer 2009, Canaan was quite an ok-ok, suspense graphic series. With issues like necrophiliac content and sexy nopan China dress, I'd still openly accept anything from Type-moon studios due to their success in earlier projects (Fate/stay night, Kara no Kyoukai).

 Canaan-in-a-box. Haha (humor me)

Chibi Canaan ready to burst out of that box!

The full-kit view of her and accessories.

Very moe... in a way

Every ready to shoot up people who "smell" different.

I'm guessing that's candy, not a energy bar...

I can feel her stare piercing me... =) (masochist)

In case you've forgotten, she sense people's aura by "smelling" them with her "eyes"...

Her backpack she always has around...

Looks almost the same as the one in ED, except for the handle of course...

And her candy bar... How sweet.

I got the nendoroid ver. because the Alter PVC ver. didn't come with the red eyes. Haha.

Until my next post then! (which is due a long time as I'm quite busy these days)

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