31 May 2011

Dakaremakura - The Dakimakura That Hugs You

by 23:27
Introducing a dakimakura that hugs you back; The "Embracing Pillow".

Taken from the same characters as "dakimakura"(抱き枕) which means hugging pillows, "dakaremakura" (抱かれ枕) means "embracing pillows". It involves two additional bolsters on both sides of the dakimakura to act as "arms" for the dakimakura, which turns it into dakaremakura.

Unless I'm mistaken, this is a first time I'm seeing this variation of dakimakura being sold.
Kinda looks like a holy dakimakura lol. 

Embrace the lord's arms...

Our lovely character on this dakaremakura is Super Sonico, Nitroplus's treasured daugther who has already starred in her own PC game, "SoniComi". She's been steadily gaining popularity as of late, from various figure renderisations to her recently released 3rd single title, particularly known for her range of voices.

You can check her or voice out at her official website.

The dakaremakura in question supposedly "wraps" their arms around you to create, in this case, an embracing scene, not a one-sided hug many dakimakura users are familiar with. Details on how they wrap their arms around you has not been disclosed yet, but the image above should give a good idea.

Now, in case you're looking to get this dakimakura, do note that this version of dakimakura might not be compatible with other covers that you may, do, or will own in time as this is due to the additional "arms" attached to the sides. This may result in conventional dakimakura covers in the market incompatible with these "arms", if you wanted your own favourite cover girl to hug you back (unless you cut/make some openings at the side of your cover which many aren't so willing to do so).

Of course, there is a possibility that these "arms" are removable is some way, but I'm just guessing here until further information/sample images are released. However, the images above appears to be sewn together but still makes a great "Embracing Pillow", especially with busty Super Sonico up front to receive your passionate hugs and other forms of affection. I kinda like her too ( ´∀`)

Now you can sleep at night with a "holy cross" in your arms.

Dakaremakura Super Sonico will be released in August 2011, for ¥10,500


Yourtime said...

lol it developed finally too.. xD

Blacksun88 said...

finally... indeed XD the hands should contain magnets so they can clipped together

Naruto Shippuden said...

It's refreshing to see new variations of this pillow. I'm looking forward of having another one. I just bought recently my dakimakura from http://www.animedakimakurapillow.com/ and Im really satisfied with it! Gotta buy this one!

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