02 June 2011

TV Show Eats Mio, Bashes Otaku Dance Troupe

by 02:33
Star ★ Draft, a variety show currently airing on Nippon Television, has welcomed a few "otakus" to their show and publicly shames them.

Now, its been awhile since I've watched any reality, talent or variety shows currently airing on Japanese cable (except Downtown for a good laugh), but I had no idea public bashing had become this open for slangs and slurs to even be uttered by the guest commentators (Okay, so it was pretty rampant to begin with but is that how you treat guests?).

For a good part of the show, bashing from the critics was disgustingly brutal and heavy. Many (rude) comeback remarks were exchanged mostly from the panel of 7 seated guests and it was clearly a "talk-down" session meant to silenced the "lambs". You can see the hostility for yourselves at the video link below.

The group were asked from things that they hold dear, such as K-ON!, Madoka and Toyosaki Aki being mentioned, to "Akiba News" which criticized their "Akiba" fashion from Tote Bags to merchandises.

At one point, one of the guest commentators asked to view the figure and started kissing it before shoving a figure of Mio into his mouth, not before rinsing his mouth with a Ritsu plushie doll and PSP.

As one 2channer said, "Welcome to public execution..."
Looks like Nippon Television brought both videos down in the end. Not to worry as I've found an alternative on a chinese-youtube equivalent site with less copyright issues ^^. 
Anyway, both videos have been replaced! 

(if you can't view the player for some reason like me, here's the link:

Rabid Dog Attack

HIBIRON! キターーーーーーーーーーーー( ゜∀゜)ーーーーーーーーーーーー
I loled so hard when I hear this xD

For the other half of the segment, the "otaku group" finally revealed their troupe dance routine and literally caused everyone's jaw to drop. Shocking might be an understatement, but you can see the audiences reaction for yourselves at the video link below when their break dance background was revealed to the audience.

Real Akiba Boys (R.A.B.) is a well-known dance troupe, which started of with the infamous dance that causes cosplayers to drop everything and dance along; "Hare Hare Yukai". From there on, they made their debut in DANCE@TV with their team break dance moves that consists of 6 members.

They've also performed at official events such as Sengoku Basara and Gintama, but more importantly, their titles as No.1 in Japan at National Dance Tournament, including their participation as Japanese Representatives at the World Dance Tournament.

The crowd was genuinely shock by the performance and track record, not realizing they were this good. Ensuing apologies were passed around for their rudeness. Hitori-san AKA "Rabid Dog" was also warned not to repeat that "figure consuming" act again as Mio's tiny bass guitar nearly went down his throat.

(here's the 2nd part of the video if you can't see the embedded player like me;

But ss expected, the public's opinion on this kinda of people hasn't changed......


Yourtime said...

I scrolled.. scrolled..
my reaction:
o.o (okay a show about k-on merchandise)
o.o (okay he kiss her, nothing special)
o__o (wait what's that..)
o____o (omg.. they are fighting, the other one has to be envy oO?)..
O______O (OMFG it has not ending XD)

Yourtime said...

well to be honest, if you watch the first picture it actually have to be a "public execution..." I mean the big contrast, which they chose is just one proof. Normally I see much moderators wearing normal clothes, what are wearing these people? suits.. why?.. 2. I often see in animes, on scribble pictures otacus looking like these group, but I never thought they are looking really like that. I think they chose these people on purpose to keep prejudice alive.. I mean, why should they are wearing clothes like that, they look like stuffy old men xD?

well I will try not to be much serious xD about it.

Yourtime said...

After watching the dance I have to say, if they are dancing, they are appearing completely different.. some of them are doing it really with passion was really nice to see it and I was little bit happy that the crowd were shocked to lose they prejudices about them.. anyway their appearing is little bit too cliche, maybe it was on purpose from the show or something.. but you can smell their jumpiness from far away.. they aren't people, who are often central of the audience.

oh man, the big "lady" reminded me to jabba the hut xD

Anonymous said...

Wow, the otaku should just be sarcastic and mention the terrible hygenie habits of the mio swallower not to mention telling him to buy a replacement for damages caused by his act.

Hit this sort of idiots where it hurts, in their judgmental pride and their wallets.

Blacksun88 said...

i watched this video somewhere else with no subs... and i thought the guy was doing it for comedy purpose, turn out his purposely was more like sarcastic reenactment towards otaku culture... seriously, those people that do not understand yet keep thinking that their culture are superior and look down on others are the most pathetic and despicable

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