30 May 2011

GT300 Fuji Speedway 2011 Qualifying and Raceday

by 02:20
Held on April 30th and May 1st, the GT300 had stopped by the good old Mt.Fuji for Round 2 for this leg of the race. As my report will be heavily biased towards covering team GSR due to my nature as a fan of the diva and customer of GSC, do forgive me if I do not highlight the other teams that much.

As I previously mentioned in the history of GSR Studie & Team UKYO, the backdrop gave a hint as to the teams next circuit, the Fuji Speedway in Oyama. The circuit, if you have seen it, has only a few tight corners with the major speedway being the famously long stretch also known for holding drag races.


During the qualifying round, our 5-way GT300 Character War featuring colourful itashas have speed their way to their following positions;
  • 2nd. PACIFIC NAC Ika Musume Ferrari
  • 4th. Hatsune Miku Good Smile BMW
  • 5th. Evangelion RT "Purple Flash" 
  • 18th Haruhi Racing Hankook Porsche 
  • DNS - Evangelion RT Type-02 Porsche
  • DNS - Mach GOGOGO Vemac

Weather condition were favourable, with the sun shining for the most part during Qualifying Day.
I wish I could say the same for Race Day though...

Big Boss Aki ( ´∀`)


Team EVA Type-01 won't be joining the others in the grid :(

That reminds me I've gotta get the new Haruhi novel.
Better brush up with the previous works first tho ( ´∀`)

It's Race Day at the Fuji Circuit and conditions couldn't possibly get any worse. The sun hid itself behind large clusters of rain clouds for a majority of the day, forcing drivers to adapt to the environmental changes by applying rain gear/tyres to their GT cars.

Both Banba and Tanaguchi drove their best during the 66-lap circuit. It seems Banba didn't think the tyres needed changing during the pit-stop since they didn't decrease that much, to everyone's surprise.

Race Day results are as follows;
  • 5th. Hatsune Miku Goodsmile BMW
  • 10th Haruhi Porsche
  • 11th Ika Musume Ferrari
  • DNF Evangelion Type-01 "Purple Flash" (Lap 47)
For the first race in 2011, GoodSmileRacing team did very well in securing a position in the Top 5. Its a shame Evangelion Type-02 dropped out in the 47th lap, which makes 3 GT cars not finishing the Fuji Circuit (Speed Racer, Eva 1, Eva 2)

At one point, the weather turned into a shitstorm.

Loyal supporters sticking it out amidst the heavy showers.
Gotta give them credit for loyalty and durability lol.

Photo op with Ukyo.
I'd rather take one with Ayami, whos holding the umbrella :3

Also, I provided a link if you'd like to know their sacred 3 sizes lol.


Female Nagisa Kaworu?!

Team EVA going all out

Take your pick.


Make your own Haruhi Porsche!
(these paper kits are the current trend atm)



D'awwwwwwww. So cute!
Gotta remind myself to get my own decals xD

Lemon Beach House!

Next stop; Okayama Circuit!


Anonymous said...

Haruhi huh? No offense but Haruhi-mania is pretty much dead nowadays alongside with the downfall of Aya Hirano

btw NICE CARS! The Ika Musume one is so cute! XD Loving the itansha job of Eva XD! And wee GSR make it to Top 5!XD

Blacksun88 said...

how i wish i can watch these live!

Yoshii-kun said...

@Blacksun88 Actually, I think you can. GSR has set up their own streaming portal with twitter updates and ground reports.

Have yet to watch any of the streams live myself, but I'll definitely try it when they come over to Sepang, Malaysia on 18,19th.
I might just go to the circuit if I'm free ^^

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