29 May 2011

Super "Super Stream" Taikyu Series

by 23:47
With the acceptance of itashas in professional racing sports, such as the GT300 Series, it's the
Super Taikyu Series's turn to have an itasha join the grid, "Infinite" style.

The very same racing team, DIJON Racing that is currently running the GT300 circuits under another itasha, Haruhi Racing HANKOOK will tie up with this Super Taikyu car.

The only flaw which 2ch pointed out was the absence of British Cadet Representative, Cecilia Alcott from the IS-armor clad HONDA S2000/AP-1, inciting the rage of the Cecilia faction.

Luckily, another source of mine provided the ita designs of the car, thus quelling the supposed riot.

1 comment:

Blacksun88 said...

"Infinite" style indeed

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