28 May 2011

Guess It?!

by 23:57
Can you guess what is this? 

Try guessing as hard as possible before scrolling for the answer below.

1. It needs a hand
2. It doesn't form a pearl
3. Its not 2 player compatible.

Its an ostrich design Napsack! 


Yourtime said...

ah lol i have seen it some days ago on german engadget

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to Madoka version. Lol.

I thought it was a sweater. I got it upside down. But won't it suffocate? :/

~Holy One (SanCom)

Nice blog! :)

Yoshii-kun said...

@Anonymous Kyuubee キターーーーーーーー(゜∀゜)ーーーーーーー

And yeah, I wonder about air circulation. And welcome bro.

bishiewuvr said...

I thought it was an aardvark! XD

Anonymous said...


Blacksun88 said...

ah... I thought it was something like masturbator ><

Anonymous said...


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