23 May 2011

figma Kamijou Touma, Beach Queens Madoka

by 18:49
Make way for the figma of professional Illusion Breaker from magic-and-science anime To aru Majutsu no Index, Kamijou Touma.

Okay guys, this is the real deal. Touma is getting the figma treatment from the guys at MaxF for real this time.
I remember posting a fan's impression if Kamijou Touma ever got figma-rised and joked/wished for it awhile back, but who knew this would come to pass so soon?!
Still, I thought this was inevitable since figma Mikoto, Kuroko and MISAKA (still waiting for her to arrive) are already out there.

What's next? figma Index?

No release date yet.

Also, as I mentioned before in the Wonnder Festival 2011 Winter coverage, Wave had announced Madoka will be included in the Beach Queen series which clads beautiful girls only in bikinis, along with other titles such as Yumekui Merry, Evangelion and many more.

Here's a first look at Beach Queens Mami, Sayaka and Homura, along with Ichiban Kuji Madoka goodies below.

No release date yet (for Beach Queens)
Ichiban Kuji Madoka goodies will be in August 2011

There's also a giant Kyuubee plushie up for grabs in the Ichiban Kuji lottery. I remember seeing it displayed in one of the stores of Akiba. Will update this part with the link to the giant Kyuubee later when I search through my sources again.

I hope the one who wins doesn't suffer from insomnia or bad cases of being Mami'd...

Also releasing in August 2011. 


Yandere Ayase fans from OreImo will be delighted to hear their favourite quasi-yandere girl is also getting the figma treatment sometime soon.

No release date yet either.

Also, a SURPRISE for you ^^

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Blacksun88 said...

who care about figma touma when you can have figma mikoto or plushie QB?

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