23 May 2011

Custom "Nendoroid NEW Rinko"

by 01:16
A diehard fan of popular virtual-girlfriend-game, Love Plus has customized himself a fan-made Nendoroid Kobayakawa Rinko.

The custom sports an up-turned eyes face option (much to 2ch's delight) and a yellow sweater as part of her winter uniform, as illustrated at the magazine at the back.

The customisation procedures;

Moulds for her arms which are placed in the pockets of her sweater as illustrated. 

Part of the ahoge on the side was chipped off, with resin mould extending her hair to the neck.

More resin to increase the hair volume.

Some major chipping and filing to smoothen her hair part. 

Resin mould applied to the chipped hair part to give her that neatly-kept-hair look. 

A layer of resin for the eventual paint application

Looks about there. Now for the eyes. 

A fine marker to get the shape of the eyes in the correct position. 

Two different tones applied to differentiate her iris and the direction. 

Custom sticker/decals for her school badge on the sweater. 

The final look and its perfect. 

Comparison of the regular and custom Nendoroid Kobayakawa Rinko. 

1 comment:

Yourtime said...

wow o____o, awesome ... wouldn't you do it too, if you can? xD.. well I have to say I'm little bit jealous xD

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