06 May 2011

Madoka Magica Vol.1 Sells 53,000

by 03:39
Its official. Madoka Magica joins the top 3 animes with the "Highest number of units sold for Vol.1", with 53,000 copies sold in a week.

Chart speaks for its self, with "Bakemonogatari" still reigning supremacy over "Madoka" and "Gundam Seed Destiny" too, but for how long is the question. To be updated later.

(I don't know where to throw this, so...)


Yourtime said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Yourtime said...


arg I was hopin to see the picture of 2ch again xD , well depressed me little more that I didn't see it yet.

Rio said...

Damnit there goes my soul :c

Anonymous said...

And harry potter sells more

Anonymous said...

I can't believe Destiny is up there.

Blacksun88 said...

im surprise to see destiny up there too, well there goes destiny haters

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