18 October 2011


by 18:14
While the onslaught of the Holy Grail War continues, Masters and Servants may rest up and seek refuge at the Good Smile Cafe, playing host as neutral-ground of the "Fate/TYPE-MOON Cafe" theme.

Following right after the TYPE-MOON Cafe for Carnival Phantasm, which was the previous theme, the Fate/TYPE-MOON Cafe highlights the new series Fate/Zero while continuing to celebrate TYPE-MOON's 10th Anniversary. As such, a wonderful cafe has been converted into a holy site for TYPE-MOON faggots, such as myself, to make their once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage and view the Holy Fate Artifacts; statue of Neko Arc, firearm Thompson Contender and Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory with its immortality sheath, Avalon, all visible in glorious 1/1 scale.

The cafe will host the theme for 3 months, from 12th October till 25th December (Christmas), to coordinate with the Fate/Zero series which also ends its first season this December 2011, only to be continued with a second season in April 2012. Hopefully, the theme will be revived next year as well.

But, enough chit-chat. Pictures are worth a thousand words, and we have over 300,000 words in image form for your enjoyment. As always, I hope these images bring you that much closer to the cafe, even if its geographically impossible for you to visit the cafe at the moment.

So as I pray,

(Disclaimer: For the umpteenth time, these images DO NOT belong to me as they are pooled from various sources such as blogs, social media, photo reviews, etc, thus I do not own them. They are magically gathered here and magically formatted in a way to enjoy the cafe as close as possible, to a certain extent. Some photos below were taken at different times, thus the inconsistency of the lighting and the positioning of certain items in the store. Use the "orange arrow" at the bottom left to navigate back to the top.)

Other related cafe themes;

The stained-cafe window has the incantation to summon the "Unlimited Blade Works" Noble Phantasm, which is Shirou's version of the incantation, slightly different from Archer's.

And if you're wondering, no. I don't think they will replay the first few episodes for customer to watch again except for the trailers (unless someone who's been there can confirm it). I very much doubt live streams of the series will ever be played at the cafe as the series airs every Sunday at 12.00 AM on Tokyo MX. But perhaps repeats on other channels will be shown, hopefully

Our lovely ladies from the Carnival Phantasm are still hanging around. 

I can hear the feminists stirring already. Here's something to quell them.
Jokes aside, all in good fun. Deal with it. 

Courtesy of an employee of GSC, stationyamada has provided a three-dimensional model of the cafe by patching the images together with Microsoft's Photosynth software. You'll need to install Silverlight to view it (the link below will prompt you to install it on-site when you visit).

Its not perfect as the position of the tables and patches between the images are pretty messy, but you'll still get the full view of the cafe. Impressive software tho. I might just use this for future applications.

3D Model of Cafe: http://bit.ly/pNo8Fr

And the charming Neko Arc has been physically rendered in statue form in 1/1 scale glory. It look amazing, just the sheer size and detail to it is magical. At night, it comes to life and cleans up the cafe while inviting its friends over as per scene from Carnival Phantasm. Just maybe, that scene was taken from this very cafe itself...

Boss Aki and Neko Arc. Gives you a sense of how big the statue is. 

Locked away in the Gates of Good Smile Cafe is the Tapestries of Babylon, numerous and unique illustrations from different Fate series shower the eyes of patrons that dare enter the realm of Fate.

Oh man, what I wouldn't give to hang this on my wall....

The character design slides are displayed for all patrons to view and admire. These are the actual reference slides (well, copies I think. Can't have the actual ones in public) that animators use to refer when drawing the various scenes in the series, ensuring consistency of the character designs

Did I mention that I kinda like this guy? He had that "forever alone" face unless this soul-mate Caster arrived. The look on this face was like he orgasm-ed as he finally found a friend. Touching. 

This, is the start of a beautiful and murderous relationship. 

Chibi-loli Ilya~! I just wanna hug her (in the most un-sexual-but-full-of-affection way possible)

I might as well mention that 2ch has done a comparison analysis of the two studios: Studio Deen and ufotable, as to the animation, character design and style. ufotable won hands down, especially when comparing the Gates of Babylon scene and the design of Gilgamesh. I'd link you to it but it was a short thread and now lost under more recent stuff.

Uwaaaaa. Chibi-loli Rin! 

Everything related to the TYPE-MOON world is on display at the cafe for patron to view while waiting for their special menu to arrive. As GSC has made numerous figures of Saber and other characters from the Fate universe, its only fitting to have the cafe host the theme.

On resale, and soooooo getting her this time :D

The tables have magic circuits drawn all over to cast a spell that enhances the taste and experience of the cafe when visiting.

The magical firearm of Magus Killer, Emiya Kiritsugu. Now from what I understand, this is literally an anti-magus killing tool. The weapon helps realise Emiya's Origin, "Severing and Binding" by utilising Origin Bullets imbued within. The bullets were created from his first and second ribs on both sides being cut off, extracted from his body, ground into dust, condensed with a craft to preserve his soul, and sealed within sixty-six bullets as their core. The more intense the pressure used to gather densely-packed prana for defense, the more active Magic Circuits will be functioning upon the moment of contact, and the more severe the destructive power of the bullet becomes.

td;dr, the more mana used, the more fatal the bullets. Ossom.

They're selling a cast-version of the Contender for customers to assemble and paint their very own replica.

Feel like getting this set to complete my Fate petit set, but I swore to never buy another petit.....

The cast-version of the Thompson Contender for patrons to play with. 

The actual scripts used in the Fate/Zero series. Not just anyone can just read it as its under a layer of glass for protection but you can just pick up the novel if you wanna spoil it that badly for yourself.
Now, the highlight is actually the cover of the scripts, that feature different illustrations by god-like designer Takeuchi Takashi himself.

The scripts lines don't seem familiar to me.
Mentions something about "such handicap is unforgivable"? 
Must be from a later episode. 

The Emiya family summer beach outing, with Saber! 

The Lancer Copter!?

Behold, the greatest and most powerful Noble Phantasm, which is a divine construction, the pinnacle of holy swords, forged by the planet as the crystallization of the prayer named "glory" and everything etched in the hearts of those who are scattered at the sword's radiance; the nostalgic, sorrowful, and exalted dream of those who were placed on the bloody hell called a battlefield, of all warriors past, present, and future fully exposed to the fear of death and despair, and whom still cling to a desire and whom still cling to a desire: "to be exalted." :
Excalibur, the Sword of Promised Victory

And to compliment it, the immortality-bestowing sheath;

It kinda looks like the "Sword in the Stone" which is the supposed effect from the display I suppose. But nonetheless, its blindingly amazing. To me, it's kinda radiating an aura of sacredness and epicness. This 1/1 scale was brought over from Machi★Asobi event held in Tokushima (can't remember if it was from vol.6 or 7) as it was a display item at the ufotable event.

Words fail me at this point. Excuse me, I think I have something in my eyes...

Badges for customers to purchase before exiting the cafe. There's tons of other products to purchase such as clear desk mats, bags, papercrafts and much more which I couldn't get images of sadly.

As a continuing tradition, the "Exchange Notes" are returning for guests to doddle and pen their short illustrations. I've seen very, very, VERY impressive fan illustrations from previous themes such as the Madoka and Carnival Phantasm Notebooks.

The Emiya Plate

You Can Live on Just This
~Be Calm and Graceful~

The Command Seal

Carnival Phantasm Pudding
From the left: Fantas Moon (Ark), Magical Amber (Amber) and Kaleid Ruby (Rin)  

Sword of Promised Victory (Excalibur)

Great Five Element Wielder (Average One) & Makiri's Glass

Luncheon Mats


Shop Card

This concludes the Fate/TYPE-MOON theme. 

Other related cafe themes;

4 minute walk from Matsudo West Entrance, Chiyoda Line, JR Joban Line

Opening Hours
Monday - Thursday: 11:00 to 20:30 (last order at 20:00)
Friday - Sunday: 11:00 to 21:00 (last order at 20:30)
(lunch hours: 11:30 to 14:30)

What's next after this? We've got 2 more cafe-themed related posts from, Persona 4 which just took place recently and Tiger and Bunny, which is yet to be held (or already is as I'm writing this and reading 2ch posts but I'll follow up on that). Whether I can find any "good" images of the theme will determine the existence of the following cafe post, so as (you and) I pray,
Unlimited Images Works! (hopefully)


BlackSun88 said...

unlimited photo works indeed! thanks for taking the effort to compile them. the 1/1 scale excalibur is certainly epicly awesome

Yoshii-kun said...

@BlackSun88 No problem, as long as you enjoy them, its pleasure to post them. I'd like to draw that sword one day ^^

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