17 October 2011

Hanazawa Kana Card Gamer Debut

by 21:52
On the first issue of Card Gamer magazine, aimed towards the news of card-related games and topics, have featured the lovely Hanazawa Kana on the cover page.

Isn't she lovely? Always like how simple yet sweet Hanazawa always looks, despite appearing in any radio talkshow or stage event or modelling for a magazine. Her current roles this season are Haganai and Guilty Crown, with her most popular role to-date is in (tutturuu~!) Steins;Gate.


Yourtime said...

lol nice x)
as my fav. moe seiyuu I quite like her, but well..

BlackSun88 said...

kana hanazawa! being her fans i won't mind to buy it :P

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