10 October 2011

Star Driver Cybody Popularity Ranking Begins

by 18:35
The Official Star Driver Cybody Popularity Ranking begins!

As a commemoration for the completion of the BD/DVD releases, the Star Driver official website has opened their polls for fellow Cruxes, Galactic patrons and, of course, Pretty Boys to vote their No. 1 Cybody!

The Cybody that receives the 1st place ranking will be included as a "Special Must-Have Item" in an upcoming project! Further details of the project will be announced at a later time.

How to vote:
  1. Head over to their official website poll here: http://www.star-driver.net/special/cybodyRanking.html
  2. Choose a Cybody by clicking on one of the many super, tiny, insignificant, radio buttons.
  3. Proceed to the bottom where you may enter your Galactic Identification Nickname (required) and a derpy comment which IS NOT required.
  4. Press the bright, blue, glittering, dashing, handsome, shiny, galactic, pretty button and you're done!
*Note: There are 2 Tauburns in this poll. 
The first is the original Tauburn (タウバーン).
The second further down is the 2nd form; Tauburn Ordinary (タウバーン・オーディナリー).
And no, I don't make the names, its right there on the "official" site.

Poll closes on 23rd October at 11:59PM JPT.

May your Cybody shine on!

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