10 October 2011

TYPE-MOON & Kinchou Manjuu Collaboration

by 18:35
During the Machi Asobi vol.7 anime event which took place at Tokushima, a very special type of confectionery was promoted: TYPE-MOON Manjuus.

TYPE-MOON had collaborated with the a famous local confectionery "Kinchou Manjuu" (金長まんじゅう) and sold the special manjuus for the duration of the event as a promotional item, which could be seen in public along with other special merchandises such as tapestries and even a Fata/Zero bus.

The manjuus, or steamed buns, are packed in a lovely box with Saber and Arcueid dressed in yukatas on the cover box. The manjuus were sold under the name of "Creamy Golden Moments" (くりーみい金時) for 1000 yen per box.

Arcueid and Saber on the cover ♥ 

A side view of the box bears the TYPE-MOON and Kinchou Manjuu logo.

"Creamy Golden Moments" list of ingredients, listing locally grown Tokushima Sweet Potatoes as the main ingredient.

"Hallelujah" (ハレルヤ) is the company that owns Kinchou Manjuu.

TYPE-MOON Illustrated Postcard with every box, bearing a Neko-Alter stamp area design.

The "Creamy Golden Moment" Manjuu. Looks perfectly roasted. Yummy.

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