23 October 2011

Yuruyuri T-shirt, Disappearing Akari

by 22:18
COSPA has released their lineup of Yuruyuri t-shirts and one particular item has caught the attention of the 2ch.

When seen under sunlight, it appears as a normal t-shirt with a missing piece in the middle, but in the darkness.....

....Akari appears! 
If you're a fan of the show, it's a must get t-shirt as it's linked to the running-joke about Akari. 

Rarely highlight such apparel but I thought it was quite well done which suits the character, as with the show.

Pre-orders are now available at COSPA or other online retailers.

1 comment:

Yourtime said...

oh wow awesome, at first I thought only disappearing akari is a nice insider, but then as night visible, quite awesome :D

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