23 October 2011

Lawson x Coca-Cola "iDOLM@STER" Campaign

by 23:35
Continuing right after "A Certain Lawson Drink Campaign", iDOLM@STER is back again and this time collaborating, not only with nationwide konbini Lawson, but with Coca Cola as well, in the "Lawson x Coca Cola iDOLM@STER Campaign".

Like previous events, patrons must drink and collect points from purchasing selected beverages, this time Coca-Cola brands, to redeem the following prizes. The prizes will be awarded through a lucky draw, with each "course" (eg. A course) having a certain number of points to redeem a single chance at the prize. The more points, the more chances you have.
The selected Coca-Cola drinks with points are located at their website.

A course: iDOLM@STER Year End Party with Voice Cast Invitations
B course: Autographed Anime Script by Voice Actress
C course: Lawson Original Figure: Hoshii Miki
D course: Illustrated Design Prepaid Card (500円)
E course: Original Rubber Strap Set (want this!)
Ponta course: Illustrated Design Prepaid Card 
W course: Campaign Illustrated Picture 

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