09 October 2011

A Certain Lawson Drink Campaign

by 00:46
The next anime to take over Lawson convenient stores would be "a certain" anime, soon to launch the;
"A Certain Drink Campaign" (とある飲料の販促活動).

The latest campaign will begin on the 11th till the 24th of October, lasting as long as the other campaigns before this.
Similar to previous campaigns held by Lawson, one must guzzle down loads of selected drinks to earn points, which in return may grant them a get a shot at the lottery-based system to win one of the following prizes;

A course: Biting Index Plush Hat
B course: Mikoto's Gekota Pajamas
C course: Original Illustrated Design Telephone Card
D course: Original Illustrated Design Sleeping Pillow (I want that Kanzaki Kaori pillow!!!) 
E course: A Certain Prepaid Card
F course: Clear File
G course: Gekota Mask
Ponta course: Original Illustrated Prepaid Card

For more information, please head over to the Lawson campaign website.


Yourtime said...

I take the second >: D

BlackSun88 said...

i want to take the second one also lol

Yoshii-kun said...


Lol, you guys....

BlackSun88 said...

i will take the second one too XD

BlackSun88 said...

ah double posted sorry =.= dont worry we will buy and let you wear it instead (evil grin)

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