23 August 2011

TYPE-MOON Cafe for Carnival Phantasm

by 22:54
After the Madoka Magica Cafe madness, which kept extending itself due to overwhelming demand and popularity, has finally ended, the next theme hosted at the Good Smile Cafe will be the "Type-Moon Cafe for Carnival Phantasm" from the magical world of Type-Moon!

Officially opening today on 23rd August till 25th September, the Good Smile Cafe will play host to "Carnival Phantasm" a project to celebrate Type-Moon's 10th Anniversary by merging the different worlds of the Type-Moon universe into one fun-filled place for all characters to mingle and have a good time together, without the looming death omens or bad ends that one would normally encounter in the actual storyline.

As a Type-Moon faggot, I personally consider Carnival Phantasm the epitome of awesomeness. Getting to see the lighter side of my favourite characters in an anything-goes environment is really relaxing.

Still, can't believe it's already been ten good years. Still remember when I sat watching Tsukihime with Arcuid having another one of her bloodlust scenes under the cover of darkness (wasn't allowed to use computers at night back then). Yet, here we are today, Type-Moon standing at the top and crowed as "King of Visuals" due to their evergreen titles which include Tsukihime, Melty Blood, and the ever (still) popular Fate series, which are all combined into one grand package labelled as "Carnival Phantasm".

*cue overwhelming surge of nostalgia*

Anyway, enough reminiscing. Take a gander at the gallery of the cafe, located below.
Not that many images this time, so there's no need for a table of contents /anchoring to guide you.

What I wouldn't give to have just one of these tapestries hung on my wall.....
(I'll provide a download link for most of the tapestries as a wallpaper at the end of this post)

Scripts from the Carnival Phantasm OVA

The Carnival Phantasm script, followed by autographs from the voice actors/actresses involved! 

That Saber looks lovely!!! God dam your drawing talents, Takeuchi! 

Everything displayed is related to the world of Type-Moon

Great Cat Mapo Rice (GCM) 

The Sword of Promised Victory - Excalibur 
(Saber flavoured drink)

Great Five Element Wielder - Average One
(Tohsaka Rin flavoured drink)

Coasters and Lunch Mats

Shop card, given out with every purchase

Badges for sale. 300yen each. 

As usual, we have the continued trend from the Madoka Cafe, the Exchange Note is back! 

"First page, GET!" -Takeuchi Takashi

If anyone has already watched Carnival Phantasm already, you probably know what's this then! xD
"Lancer's Crisis Barrel"

If you like some of the tapestries above, here's a link to download most of them. They're all scans from magazines or pullouts which I'm currently using as my wallpaper. They consist of mostly Carnival Phantasm and Fate/Zero wallpapers.

Enjoy and good night.


BlackSun88 said...

ah this is one cafe i desperately want to go !!

Hgh pills said...

It was decorated with Carnival Phantasm posters, various character figurines, and signed Carnival Phantasm scripts.

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